Hey guys,

We've setup the official site here, but just in case that buckles a bit from all your sleuthing, I've reposted all the information here (including the voting link).


Rooster Teeth's The Eleven Little Roosters pits international assassins against each other, in an interactive spy comedy that asks YOU to help root out an evil mastermind! 

Meet the Rooster Corps -- a coalition of eleven spy agencies, allied in pursuit of world peace. But when one of the “little roosters” is duped into assassinating another, it’s up to the survivors to smoke out the saboteur… before they can acquire the ultimate super weapon!

Sit back and enjoy a comedic thriller with twists and turns... OR get in on the action, with a mind-bending metagame baked into every episode that’ll have you rethinking how you watch a web series. Enjoy a tale of intrigue, espionage, and murder as you search for clues, predict the targets, and compete for fun prizes. Welcome... to The Eleven Little Roosters!


Mondays at 3PM CST on Rooster Teeth FIRST

Tuesdays at 3PM Public/YouTube


Follow Rooster TeethJosh Flanagan and Blaine Gibson on Twitter for additional updates and clues.

And most importantly... 



There's a traitor inside the Rooster Corps, and it's up to YOU to uncover their master plan. But this saboteur is quite crafty. Rather than do the dirty work themselves, they've decided to pit the other Roosters against each other... Until there's no one left in the way.

Each week, you'll be trying to get ahead of the mole and predict the next Assassin and Target -- But you'll need help. Luckily, master saboteur expert Ryan Haywood is on the case. Ryan has hidden five Haywood Files in every episode for you to uncover, encoded in various ways to keep the mole from intercepting them. Find the files, and you'll have all the intel you need to correctly predict the next assassination.

Uncover the clues. Predict the targets. And just maybe save the world. Easy, right?




This is a Haywood File. To find them, you'll need to keep your eyes and ears open for anything suspicious. The path to some are hidden in plain sight. Others might require you to solve a number game, audio puzzle, dialogue riddles, or acquire the proper cipher to break a code. Occasionally, you'll have to rethink how you're watching an episode -- or go outside the series entirely.

The more files you find in an episode, the more you can whittle down your choices for the week. Find all five files hidden in an episode, and you'll be predicting like a pro.

Feel free to go it alone, or build a team of fellow sleuths. You can keep your findings to yourself, or compare notes with others in the forums -- just remember, you'll be helping fellow competitors when doing so. After each new episode, we’ll post walkthroughs of the previous week’s puzzles in the UPDATES section of the website, so you can see what you might’ve missed. We’ll also update all previous Haywood File images in the GALLERY.



A new survey will open Mondays at 3PM CST (when new episodes go live for FIRST members). The link will be available at the top of this page, as well as across social media.

You will need a FREE roosterteeth.com account to log your guesses, which only takes a moment to setup (and doesn’t require a credit card or anything of the sort). You can also start a FIRST account with a free 30-day trial, to watch episodes 24 hours early (and be entered into a smaller prize pool).  You can sign up for either here.

You’ll be choosing from a list of Assassins and Targets each week. There’s also a DOUBLE TARGET episode later in the series (where TWO organizations will be eliminated) to spice things up, and there might be some other fun turns along the way. It's also worth noting (though not a guarantee) that an organization can eliminate itself by sheer ineptitude. Bottom line: if it’s a choice in the survey, always consider it a viable option.

Once submitted, guesses cannot be changed, and will be logged to your Rooster Teeth site account. You can view your selections for the current week by returning to the survey link, but won't be able to see past weeks. Surveys close every Monday at 2PM CST, an hour before new episodes air for FIRST members. Don't forget to get your guesses in before it's too late!



We've been hard at work designing an interactive experience that can be enjoyed in its own right, whether competitively or at your own leisure. Anyone is welcome to submit guesses, and we'll be announcing rankings of our top players no matter what country you're from.

For those of you in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Australia, you can also score some fun Rooster Teeth memorabilia along the way. We've split the prizes into two pools -- one for FIRST members and one for non-FIRST. The prizes in both pools are equal -- this simply gives our non-FIRST members a chance to win, as FIRST members will have a 24-hour head start.



The quickest FIVE players to submit the correct answer (both Assassin and Target) for the week will receive:

  • An exclusive Eleven Little Roosters autographed card, signed by cast members
  • A social media blast proclaiming your brilliance, including a personal video message from some our finest ELR cast members



The person with the highest cumulative seasonal score (out of a possible 15 correct answers) will receive.

  • A Skype Hangout with all manner of Rooster Teeth personalities to celebrate your genius, re-record all your voicemails, and perform strip teases (probably Blaine).
  • An exclusive autographed Eleven Little Roosters pilot script.
  • A super-fancy Winner certificate thing that is way cooler than it sounds
  • Bragging rights for life
  • And maybe some other cool stuff that has no technical monetary value, but technically and legally isn’t on the official rules, so definitely not but maybe worth your while but definitely not.


Weekly prizes will be announced and awarded after the following week's episode has aired. The grand prize will be awarded after the season finale. If there’s a tie, players will advance to a final tiebreaker puzzle, details of which will be announced after the finale. 

Official Contest Rules rules are here.


Hey guys,

I just wanted to apologize to those fans who aren't eligible to win prizes. Believe me, I wanted the entire world to be in play, and to offer you fantastic prizes that'd make Oprah blush. Unfortunately, due to the legalities of running a contest with a show this large (something that wasn't an issue last go-round), it just wasn't possible at this time.

We'd also initially considered offering a bigger prize ala Ten Little Roosters, but that would've meant restricting the contest to a single country, and so we erred on the side of the widest participation possible -- which opened up the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australia. All that said... 

Please don’t let that discourage you from participating. We made this show for you guys -- the fans. And at the end of the day, we just wanted you to have a great experience, and worked hard to craft an interactive journey that's fun and challenging all on its own. We hope you guys enjoy it.

       - Josh