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The reason i haven't been onDear Fellow Friends,
When me and my friends were playing with my friends i tripped an fell down the stairs, in doing this i nailed the back of my head. I was in a coma for 2 weeks, when i had woken up i noticed everything was black. I had hit the nerves to my eyes. It caused med to go blind. After five surgeries they returned the site back in my right eye, do to the left eyes nerve being torn even more they could not return the site, but on my birthday they offered a surgery to try and replace the site in my left eye. Yes! but there was one thing the sidafects, deafness complete blindess, broken neck, etc. On January 3rd i had the operation it took two weeks but i had gottens site back in my left eye. But sadly a 5 weeks ago i had gotten very sick for 4 weeks and then had gotten better. and then last week on moday i was playing with my friends and all of the sudden i couldn't hear anything except this loud ringing noise in my ears. My mom said everytime i went to sleep i would have phits in my sleep and grabbng my ears. Sunday, the doctor had announced that i was going deaf and that hearing aids would not do anything because i had a serious case. Im very sad and it has altered my life i' am now deaf and not doing so well,but i still love watching the RvB videos although i can't hear the my brother types what their saying down so i will still be watching a the RvB episodes.

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Name Blake Mount
Birthday December 2nd, 1989
Interests Kartraceing in arizona because CT has pussi carts that go 40 m.p.h. and mine goes 125 m.p.h. I also play triple A and highschool hockey i like music playing video games (Halo 2 and other games). Girls of course who couldn't live with out them.