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23 year-old male from Downers Grove, IL
Hello, I'm Zach.

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Traveled Out and What The Future HoldsOK... I'm officially tired of traveling. While most will say "You're lucky you get to travel so much." I just want to find a job that keeps me in one place for a little while. While I love what I am doing right now, the downside is all this traveling beats you up.

You get tired of living out of hotels and sitting for hours upon hours on a plane. I need to finish school, get my degree, and find a company in Japan that I want to work for, and that's willing to hire me... Then I will truly be happy.

I traveled to Japan in September of this year, after many years of waiting and it only confirmed that I want to spend the rest of my life there. Over five years of learning Japanese and their culture was finally put to good use.

It's truly a strange feeling to have to tell yourself, "Stop acting like you have your entire life, and adjust to this culture's customs." Of course, that's easier said than done. It truly defines 'culture shock' seeing everything you've been taught by a native Japanese professor and tutor for over five years, in action. That flight was painful (14 hours), but very much worth it, and will always be worth it.

It was the most comfortable I felt in I don't know how long. Years of stress and health problems just seem to have vanished as soon as I heard to the flight attendant say in Japanese "日本に着た。" Which translates to "We've arrived in Japan." Staying there, taking the train, and just walking around like an average person really helped me get an idea of what I'd be in for if I moved there... And I loved it. I'm never the kind of person when in a different city or country to go to tourist areas. I like to feel like someone who lives there.

When I was back at my hotel in Japan, with the 14 hour time difference (now 15 hours with daylight savings taking effect at the time of this being written) I would Facetime or Skype my friends and family, while trying to juggle the time difference. All my friends said that "I couldn't of looked happier" or "I haven't seen you this happy since seventh grade," which I agreed with. My family was more hesitant, since they know I wish to move there and don't want me so far away, but it was the best I'd felt in years.

It's strange when you think about it. I'm stressed and feel ill, even when I go on a small vacation for myself, somewhere in America, to some kind of event I'm really looking forward to. Yet, I fly 14 hours, over 6,000 miles away from home, to a foreign country and have to adjust to that lifestyle instantly... My problems just disappear. No stress, illness, or anything.

I think about it everyday. Now, I need to use this as fuel to finally finish college, and make this dream not just a vacation anymore, but my daily life.
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