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28 year-old male from North of the wall (Scotland)
Hi my name is Max and I live north of the wall in Britain and if you read your game of thrones alongside a British history book you will see that I am right. It would seem that I made this profile 6 years ago now, yikes seeing things like that makes me feel old. I guess i'm gonna start using this to maybe get talking to some cool people or perhaps just to do something a wee bit different.

If you want to know anything else I find talking to someone kinda shows more about a person than a profile.

P.S My gamertag is AspyGuy lol don't ask why i'm putting that here and not in gamertag
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ConfusedWeird the forum is still not working for me and I was perhaps looking to talk to some people about something which is making a very big impact on my life at the moment. I thought I would perhaps just use this to chronicle what could be a very important moment in my life. I have always been slightly bi-curious but in recent times I'm thinking that I might actually be gay and I am just feeling very confused in general. The whole situation is not being helped by the fact that i'm a virgin, which may be the only thing standing in my way to finding out if i'm straight, bi or gay.

Currently I am dating a girl but I kind of dread possibly getting to the point where we want to have sex with each other and perhaps finding that i'm not attracted to her in that way or perhaps suddenly feeling that way part way through. I guess what i'm getting at is that I don't want to end up hurting her. My friend has advised me to try both which is sensible advice and the only way to be sure but just going out and sleeping with someone has never really been me, its the only way that I can find out for sure though.

My friend does know someone who is gay and went through the same thing in the beginning so I would really like to talk to him about things but i've not had the chance yet.

Like I said I will chronicle this part of my life and perhaps find people on the site that has went through the same thing and have a wee chat with them. I'm also seeing if typing out my feelings will help me deal with these feelings.

Well if you have read this thanks for reading and I will keep this updated
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