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23 year-old male from In my house =)
My name...Well that is simple...It has been and always will be Cody Beene'. I was born in Tarzana, California. Don't think it's a jungle...BECAUSE IT ISN'T. On my spare time I like to skate, draw, play games, watch TV, and hang out with friends. Most of this I CAN do since I am homeschooled. If you play World of Warcraft on Dark Iron...Well so do I!!! My guy's name is Baxstab...Undead Rogue. ADD HIM OR PERISH. Well It was nice talking to you...Or typing...Yes...I think that is the right word...LATER!
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Name Cody aka Tweekshot
Occupation Freshman
Birthday November 15th, 1991
Interests AMV's Site for some AMV's (http://www.youtube.com/user/tweekshot) computers World Of Warcraft Skating Drawing and movies.
Music Billy Talent Dredg Fall Out Boy Panic! At The Disco He Is Legend My Chemical Romance Taking Back Sunday Tool Thrice Mars Volta Sweet Action Hero Script My Last Day Mighty Mighty Bosstones Aquabats A Change of Pace Underoath ATREYU Fairwell Crash Plastic Daphne Loves Derby The Sprites Emanuel A Moments Trauma Nine Inch Nails Lustra The Alcoholic Freshman Nujabes HIM A7X Dark New Day Dead Kennedys Le~cen~carne' Incubus Matchbook Romance Motion City Soundtrack Nickelback Rise Against Story of the Year Saves the Day Silverstein Hawrthrone Heights Stray Light X Run System Of A Down The Blood Hound Gang The Donnas The Used Train Spiderbait and more that i may have missed.
Movies Corpse Bride The Nightmare Before Christmas Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie Inuyasha the Movie Versus The Iron Monkey Dogma Stewie Griffin the Untold Story Ferris Buhlers Day Out and I know there are more but I can''t think of any at the moment.
TV Shows Familly Guy The Boondocks Samurai Champloo Full Metal Alchemist Simpsons Jackass Attack of The Show X-Play G4 TV Cinematech Judgement Day Electirc Playground and more.
Books Manga....ANY MANGA...Except Hentai....