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23 year-old male from Melbourne, Victoria
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Tuscan LeatherGot a lot going on my plate at the moment, I'm in the middle of 3 major assignments for Uni (need I saw more?)
I just an operation, had to stay overnight at the hospital and I feel like absolute shit.
Besides assignments, I've still got a bundle of side projects/freelance work I've gotta complete soon. So you could probably guess I'm stressing out pretty hard.

Did I mention we are out of coffee beans? Coffee fucking beans? Means we do not have any coffee available in the house. It's hella annoying getting more especially since I'm stuck in the house not allowed to leave (due to the operation).
So tell me, how the flipping heck am I meant to study and get all this work done if I have no darn fangling coffee in the house?!

Anyway, there's a bit of an update.

Don't hesitate to holla at me, it doesn't look like I'm going to be doing any work today anyway...
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