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Male from Seattle, WA
Host and editor of Respawn Radio.

Married to a lovely gamer girl and we have twin boys . I have been playing games since the Atari 2600 and have never looked back. Just when I thought that I would veer away from video games, my passion and interest in them are stronger than ever! I am here because of that passion!

I look forward to making many new friends and playing some great games.
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Happy New Year! Starting with retro!So to make a long story short. My wife took over the HDTV to play the wii (Epic Mickey) and it is too bright during the day to run my projector for my XBOX/PS3, so I have hooked up my PS2 across the room to my GXTV (which is too old for Component inputs.) I never could get rid of my GXTV as it has been so useful for DVD's and game systems over the years.

What is a GXTV? Samsung made these 13 inch TV's for video gamers about 10 years ago that feature built in speaker doors the close to cover the screen and a built in subwoofer. So the TV sounds awesome and the picture is not bad for older systems (my PS2 looks awesome on it.)

Anyhow I dusted off an old JRPG for the PS2 called "Rogue Galaxy" and I forgot how much I love this game. It is more of an action RPG with random battles that play out in real time like Kingdom Hearts. What I love about this game is that it was made by Level 5 (which made Dragon Quest 8 on the PS2) and to this day looks stunning on the PS2.

It kinda has this outer space with old pirate ships mixed with Phantasy Star multi planet system/ story mode type thing going for it.

The story and characters are great..sigh...just don't know why great JRPG like this one do not get a sequel?

Too bad the PS2 does not have achievements:( I could spend the rest of my life playing all of the older RPG's that came out for this great system .
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Name 8bit
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Birthday April 1st
Interests Video Games-all consoles music (bass guitar drums) recording outdoor stuff like camping hiking biking mixing drinks beer traveling beaches
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Music Melodic Death Metal: Scar Symmetry Soilwork Raintime Children of Bodom Dark Tranquility Mors Principium Est. Epica Nightwish Amon Amarth Wintersun etc. Oh and also VIDEO GAME MUSIC!!! I also like some Latin Jazz Funk classic rock but I am a metal head through and through.
Movies Star Wars LoTR India Jones....ya know all of the epic series. My favorite movies are action sci-fi and comedy.
TV Shows 24 Terminator: TSCC Lost Heroes the Office. Lie to Me...that is about all since I don't have cable TV (too many video games to play!)
Books Sci-fi and nonfiction. Reading is mostly a treat from me when I travel or sit on a beach all day.