The Instacart Recovery

Gus talks about reaching new heights (or lows) in his human interactions when ordering groceries. Gavin poses the question to the guys about the recovery position, but nobody knows what the hell that is.


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  • Becca Seester

    Busted: Celebrities Who Love Waluigi

    5 days ago

    By @grantpa

    Everybody loves Waluigi, the tall and slender evil double for Mario’s lesser brother. What’s not to love? He’s one of the oddest characters in the Mario series, really only appearing in the spinoff multiplayer series like Mario Tennis and Mario Kart, but he’s also one of the most intriguing.

    Now some of Hollywood’s most prominent celebrities are showing their support for the purple one by incorporating the character’s iconic mustache and hat into their own chic looks. Here are some of our favorites that prove the Summer of 2016 is shaping up to be the Summer of Waluigi.

    Susan Sarandon


    Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon wasn’t afraid to show off her new purple hat and mustache combo on the red carpet, revealing a fun and flirty devilish side that invites fans to ask, “Is sexy Waluigi the new regular sexy?”

    Andy Richter


    The talk show sidekick has long been a supporter of Waluigi, dating back to his impassioned plea for the character during his short-lived stint beside Conan O’Brien on The Tonight Show that led many to believe was the sole reason for their subsequent cancellation. Nevertheless, Andy Richter is a proud supporter of Waluigi and is always quick to clarify that just because Waluigi and Wario are thematically connected does not necessarily mean they are brothers like Mario and Luigi.

    Jodi Sweetin


    Nostalgic ‘90s kids were delighted when Netflix revived the classic sitcom Full House, but every person in every demographic was even more delighted – ecstatic, even – when Jodi represented the big upside-down “L” to the Fuller House premiere. Some people have started openly wondering if this Waluigi thing is more than a mere fashion trend. Is Waluigi the new Scientology? Is it possible there is a sinister organization involved in this?

    The Soup Nazi


    Supporters of the Waluigi cult conspiracy theory point to evidence like this: how could the Soup Nazi realistically be a Waluigi fan? Seinfeld ceased production long before Waluigi made his official debut in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64 in 2000, yet reruns of the Soup Nazi episode now feature the character supporting Waluigi. That means these episodes were either doctored by hand or by some kind of dark magic. It’s unsettling. On the other hand, it’s also an improvement, aesthetically.

    Dennis Miller


    Why would anyone care that Dennis Miller likes Waluigi? Nobody has cared about Dennis Miller in a long, long time. The comedian-turned-FOX News contributor hasn’t been afraid to spout his eclectic and obscure references in the past, so it’s perhaps no surprise to see him take up the Waluigi cause. But if there is a secret Waluigi club, Dennis Miller’s inclusion begs the question: WHY? What advantage could you hope to gain from Dennis Miller aside from willful obtuseness? It’s a question as beguiling as Waluigi himself.

    Bernie Sanders


    The millennial choice for president, Bernie Sanders has sent a jolt of electricity to young liberal voters, primarily because of his support for Waluigi. Here’s where things get interesting. Would a Sanders presidency mean a wider acceptance for the niche Nintendo character? Is this theoretical Waluigi secret society comparable perhaps to the Ivy League Skull and Crossbones society that has produced several presidents in the past? It casts a dark shadow across a candidate that has otherwise stayed firmly in the light, but there’s no denying this image of Bernie with the Waluigi hat and mustache. Really makes you think.

    Ja Rule


    Rapper, singer, and actor Ja Rule looks a little embarrassed, but make no mistake: he’s so into Waluigi that he changed his name to Jaruigi, which he refers to as “the evil version of Ja Rule.” Maybe that will mean the next Mario Kart will receive hip hop tracks like the ones he’s produced for the Fast & Furious series. Or maybe Jaruigi is, like us, merely a fan.

    Do you know of any other celebrities in the secret Waluigi club? Share their pics in the comments!

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

    Construction Combat! – #373

    1 week ago

    Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Blaine Gibson, and Burnie Burns as they discuss construction vehicle battles, Richard Simmons, Full House, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on April 25, 2016.

  • RT Animated Adventures

    The Glasses & The Fireplace

    1 week ago

    Burnie and Gavin stay at a nice Airbnb with a cool fireplace, but when they go to use it, Gavin realizes the landlord might have left something behind.

    Audio from RT Podcast #362

  • RT Shorts

    Behind The Scenes: Orcs Must Live

    1 week ago

    Check out the behind-the-scenes from our latest RT Short: Orcs Must Live, sponsored by Robot Entertainment. Visit to learn more.

  • Chelsea Sponsor & Backer Person

    List of Confirmed Screenings - Tickets Still Available!

    1 week ago

    Hi friends!

    A big warm thank you from us here at Rooster Teeth to every single one of you. With your help we will have RWBY Volume 1 theatrical screenings in cities all around the world! Good job. <3

    To make it as easy and as accessible as possible, here is a list of theaters with seats still available! This will be updated as theaters are SOLD OUT. So get your tickets while you can! You wouldn't want to miss out on seeing that sneak peek of RWBY: Chibi would you?

    United States - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted

    Arkansas: Little Rock

    Arizona: Phoenix , Mesa , Tucson

    California: Simi Valley , Clovis ,Covina , Bakersfield

    Colorado: Denver , Highlands Ranch

    Delaware: Dover

    Florida: Tampa , South Miami , Aventura

    Georgia: Duluth , Kennesaw

    Illinois: Chicago , Champaign

    Iowa: Cedar Rapids

    Kentucky: Louisville

    Maryland: Gaithersburg

    Michigan: Grand Rapids , Sterling Heights , Mt. Pleasant , Kalamazoo

    Missouri: Springfield

    North Carolina: Raleigh , Charlotte , Durham

    Nebraska: Lincoln

    New Jersey: New Brunswick , Clifton

    New Hampshire: Hooksett

    New York: Farmingdale , Webster , Bronx , Holtsville

    Ohio: Cincinnati , Cleveland , Columbus , Columbus (4/30) , Cincinnati (4/30)

    Oklahoma: Oklahoma City

    Pennsylvania: Upper Darby , Allentown , Harrisburg

    Rhode Island: Providence

    South Carolina: Columbia

    Texas: Houston , San Antonio , Houston , Lubbock , Edinburg , Tyler , Arlington , Houston , Waco , San Antonio (4/30) , Houston (4/30) , Austin (5/1)

    Utah: Provo

    Virginia: Virginia Beach , Alexandria

    Washington: Woodinville , Yelm (5/1)

    Wisconsin: Grand Chute , Madison , Wauwatosa , Eau Claire

    Canada - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted

    Alberta: Calgary , Edmonton , Calgary (4/30)

    Manitoba: Winnipeg

    Newfoundland and Labrador: St. John's

    Nova Scotia: Halifax , Halifax

    Ontario: Toronto , London , Oakville , Ottawa , Toronto , Toronto (4/30)

    Quebec: Montreal , Montreal (4/30)

    Saskatchewan: Saskatoon

    UK - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted

    England:Liverpool , Manchester , London , Birmingham , Gateshead, Tyne and Wear

    Milton Keynes , Norwich , Bristol , Exeter , Sheffield , Middlesex , Oxford

    Southampton , Colchester , Brighton

    Northern Ireland: Belfast

    Scotland:Renfrew , Dunfermline

    Wales: Cardiff

    Ireland - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted


    New Zealand - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted

    Mt Wellington, Auckland

    Australia - All Screenings on April 27th unless otherwise noted

    Australian Capital Territory (ACT): Manuka

    New South Wales (NSW): Sydney , Parramatta , Campbelltown , Newcastle

    Queensland (QLD): Chermside

    South Australia (SA): Oaklands Park

    Victoria (VIC): Melbourne , Doncaster , Fountain Gate

    Western Australia (WA): Innaloo , Cannington

    As always, if you have any questions feel free to message me here on the site (@Chelsea) or

    email the Team RWBY support(at) address for assistance!

    Much love.



  • Miles Miles

    The Chorus Trilogy Steelbook Box Set

    1 week ago

    I'm a bit of a collector.

    I've got props and posters from all my favorite stories, I refuse to buy console games digitally so I can look at my library with pride, and I'm pretty sure I own the special edition of every game Bungie's made since Halo.

    So imagine my surprise when I was told we'd be making a Chorus Trilogy Box Set... a steelbook box set.


    Spoiler alert, I looked something like this:


    To this day, I still can't believe I was lucky enough to work on Red vs. Blue, let alone be able to say I directed an entire trilogy. Having all three movies together in such a cool package is like a dream come true.

    Normally we're not able to get away with super abstract cover art, but because this piece was so special, we were given the green light to have a lot of fun with it. I really dig simple, minimalist artwork, and wanted to incorporate that style into the cover art. I pitched the idea of the three towers to the designer and he shot back with a few ideas of his own. The collaborative result is something that I think looks pretty damn cool (especially the subtle green and orange markings on the back... wink wink).

    Of course, there's always a bittersweet realization when a collector's edition comes out, "But I already bought these movies when they were first released." Believe me, I know that pain. In case you're worried about missing out on additional content, I can go ahead and let you know that the content on these new discs is identical to the Blu-rays already released (note: there is more BTS content on the Blu-Rays than DVDs). No additional extras, just a limited edition steel case and unique disc art.


    Still, to everyone who bought seasons 11, 12, and 13 when they were first released... thank you so, so much. We can't do the things we do without your support, and yes, that especially includes financial support. I'd been told several times that a box set wasn't going to happen, but after seeing the success of all three seasons, someone up top made the call to go for it, and it's thanks to you!

    The box set is currently available for preorder on Amazon and will be released JUNE 28th, 2016.

    So, if you're a fan that hasn't grabbed these movies yet (or if you only have them on DVD), by all means, pick up a copy! If you already own the movies but want this badass new bundle... well, you can always gift your old ones to someone else, right? You're such a good friend.

    Thank you again for everything. I hope you guys dig this special release and I'll be seeing you soon for RvB14!


  • Becca Seester

    Fan Art Friday #9: staticXshadows

    1 week ago

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Vickie Snow, AKA @staticXshadows, for her awesome Borderlands-style illustration of Qrow from RWBY.


    Vickie lives in London and is currently studying for her A-Levels. She loves the character design in RWBY and the art style in Borderlands, so she decided to try and combine the two. This piece was drawn in Photoshop and took approximately six hours to create.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • Free Play

    Meg and Ryan REALLY Run the Big 5...With Zombies! – #56

    1 week ago

    It’s Free Play! Ryan shows Meg some pictures of creepy kid’s stuff. Plus, Meg pulls out the mats of yoga to re-enact her Yogi Moment this week. Finally, the whole gang meets up with Ashley Jenkins to have fun day of surviving zombies - what could go wrong?

  • RT Specials

    The Amazing Race Special Podcast with Burnie & Ashley #1

    1 week ago

    Join Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, and Jon Risinger as they talk about the adventures seen on the early episodes of The Amazing Race 28.

    Behind the scenes/clips/previews with Burnie and Ashley:

    Thumbnail art by @iDrawBagman on Twitter

  • RT Life

    Achievement Hunter Fruit Snack Challenge

    1 week ago

    Can Jeremy eat 40 packages of fruit snacks? Or will he die trying?