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  • RT Animated Adventures


    6 days ago

    Michael, Gavin, and Ryan the Naughty Chef try to make an ASMR video. Watch ASMR-DoNotUpload.MOV:

  • Adam Director of Technology

    ​Changelog 7/20/2015

    1 week ago

    Launch. Week.

    A little bit of this


    Plus a little bit of that.



    • Feature: User Messages migration problem solved. Once we lock RTv1, we'll be able to migrate your 109 million messages.
    • Feature: Video CMS for RT Staff.
    • Feature: Global HLS video support.
    • Feature: RTStaff & Site Admin tools.
    • Improvement: API Payment support backend.
    • Improvement: Improved the sponsorship system to better track usage of the 1-Month-Free-Trial for abuse monitoring.
    • Improvement: Added documentation for the canoical URL within the API.
    • Improvement: Sponsorship 1-Month teir final prices.
    • Improvement: Added display for sponsor-only episodes within episode block views. (Sponsor Star!)
    • Improvement: API now supports the watch list.
    • Improvement: Live Streams now have thumbnails for API consumer & Sponsor Gating purposes.
    • Improvement: Banning & Banhammering now prompts you "are you sure" before laying down the law.
    • Improvement: API video map is now a little cleaner.
    • Improvement: API now returns results even if there isn't a tag.
    • Improvement: Added support for iTunes/ApplePay plan selections.
    • Improvement: Email Signup styling.
    • Improvement: Mobile Menu Tweaks (including jumping to sister sites.)
    • Improvement: Homepage Sponsor video was a little wierd. Rephrased.
    • Improvement: Missing Feeditems no longer kill the entire page, they should now just remove the individual block.
    • Improvement: If you fail to insert the correct password to your account, it now recommends you do a password reset.
    • Improvement: Players can now be seen playing games.
    • Improvement: Added "Manage Following" on your user profile sidebar.
    • Improvement: Added search to Games & Groups (pending styling)
    • Improvement: Added a more robust day seperator on the schedule page.
    • Improvement: Games & Groups are now sorted by popular.
    • Improvement: Shows index page is now split between active & retired shows.
    • Improvement: Header styles now work in posts, however this might change depending on indexing results.
    • Improvement: Default graphics for episodes went in.
    • Improvement: Improved messaging for the International store. USA is now included.
    • Improvement: Episode blocks now show "WATCHED" if you've watched them. Whoo.
    • Improvement: Edit is now a pencil.
    • Improvement: Forum admin buttons are now inline. This was surprisingly annoying.
    • Improvement: Added "My Profile" under community. Likely going to be removed though, placement seems weird.
    • Improvement: Added an edit button in the About Me Section.
    • Improvement: Community Dashboard feeds list now says "Users I Follow" instead of "My Feed" for clarity.
    • Improvement: API included data is now apart of the body instead of the header.
    • Improvement: Homepage Sidebar got some improvements because it was fucky.
    • Improvement: Renamed tabs on an show page, We now have Trending & Episodes.
    • Improvement: Added date & time to event page.
    • Improvement: Fixed a broken cache that was creating new slow queries on every page. Website load time dropped globally dropped 100ms.
    • Improvement: Recently Added Videos now paginates and goes back 10 pages. Whoo.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a styling bug where feature sponsor would randomly hang out to the side ~50%. Silly Sponsors.
    • Bugfix: Store FAQ now takes you to the store FAQ.
    • Bugfix: Viewing a profile that is not your own now uses correct verbiage.
    • Bugfix: Episode image sizing on mobile, gray bars should be less appearant.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a particularly enormous bug causing our caches to get invalidated after 1 second. Huge performance implications.
    • Bugfix: Users Last_Login is now properly updated on login.
    • Bugfix: Hero Episode is now excluded from featured Episodes.
    • Bugfix: Closed a ton of duplicate tickets.
    • Bugfix: Multiple matching usernames on Mentions now link properly. The old regex was a tad too forgiving.
    • Bugfix: Deleted posts were not deleting subscriptions & feeditems, and therefore would break anyone following that item.
    • Bugfix: API got a metric truckload of API fixes & improvements, particularly around sponsoring from the app.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug related to IOS that allowed you to give your sponsorship to another user. Shame. Shame.
    • Bugfix: Removed amp; from slugs.
    • Bugfix: Favicon no longer gets lost on all non-root web pages.
    • Bugfix: Default Show image was too tall for the homepage video embed.
    • Bugfix: The "Hero" video on each site can no longer be sponsor only, to prevent an unwelcoming experience.
    • Bugfix: Removed metadata block from the live streams page. Useless information.
    • Bugfix: If a user was deleted, all forums they were a part of broke. This is now fixed.
    • Bugfix: RT Stores needed Multipass ID instead of username.
    • Bugfix: Share menu being under redactor bar fixed.
    • Bugfix: Admin pages for FAQ control fixed.
    • Bugfix: Now only developers have access to the code profiler.
    • Bugfix: Banhammering a user no longer also logs out the administrator.
    • Bugfix: Sponsorship page crash issue solved in production (still disabled until tonight)
    • Bugfix: Image Upload got broken on certain URL formats.
    • Bugfix: API Live Streams are now retrieved based on end_time instead of start_time.
    • Bugfix: "Comment" hit zone was the text area, instead of the full button.
    • Bugfix: Notification count query was being run twice.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a particularly spectacular bug within sponsorship that would charge people in dollars instead of cents. (yay $499 sponsorship!)
    • Bugfix: IP Banning was using the client_ip instead of X_FORWARDED_FOR, meaning when we banned people we banned our load balanacers.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a bug that allowed private data within JSON ecapulated outputs.
    • Bugfix: Fixed a typo that broke editing photo albums.

    Coming Soon

    • Notification Grouping (cause hoooly shit).
    • Sponsorship Pages.
    • V2 Release.
    • Spit shine.
  • X-Ray and Vav

    The Dawn of Mogar

    1 week ago

    Mogar, um... dawns! And with the help of intrepid reporter Ash, X-Ray and Vav are out to learn as much as they can about the secretive savage!

  • On The Spot

    On the Spot #29

    1 week ago

    Ryan and Gus take on Blaine and Kirk Johnson and the mystery chocolate redemption challenge is back!

  • RT Sponsor Cut

    SponsorCast - Sports Movies

    1 week ago

    Jack, Brandon and Tyler debate on the best sports movie ever made!

  • RT Life

    Australia Adventure Part 1

    1 week ago

    Join Chris and Josh on the first part of their incredible Australian adventure! It’s snot what you think. That’s not true. It’s exactly what you think.

  • Barbara

    New Content Release Schedule

    1 week ago

    As you may have noticed, the schedule of our content on the Rooster Teeth site/YouTube Channel has changed. Here's a breakdown of our new flow, including the new release schedule for live streams:


    11:00 AM

    • RT Shorts / RT Shorts Bloopers

    5:00 PM

    • Red vs. Blue

    7:30 PM

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast - Live Stream - (SPONSOR)


    11:00 AM

    • RTAA
    • Rooster Teeth Podcast (SPONSOR)


    11:00 AM

    • Rooster Teeth Podcast
    • Million Dollars But... (SPONSOR)

    4:00 PM

    • The Patch - Live Stream - (SPONSOR)

    5:00 PM

    • The Patch Game Club - Live Stream - (SPONSOR)


    11:00 AM

    • Million Dollars, But...
    • RT Life / Happy Hour (SPONSOR)

    2:00 PM

    • The Patch (SPONSOR)
    • The Patch Game Club (SPONSOR)

    5:00 PM

    • On The Spot - Live Stream - (SPONSOR)


    11:00 AM

    • RT Life / Happy Hour
    • The Patch
    • On The Spot (SPONSOR)

    2:00 PM

    • The Patch Game Club


    10:00 AM

    • X-Ray & Vav / Animated Show (SPONSOR)

    11:00 AM

    • On The Spot


    10:00 AM

    • X-Ray & Vav / Animated Show

    11:00 AM

    • RT Shorts / RT Shorts Bloopers (SPONSOR)

    5:00 PM

    • Red vs. Blue (SPONSOR)
  • RT Animated Adventures

    Crashes & Cleptos

    1 week ago

    Burnie wonders what constitutes a crash for an aircraft, and Gus tells a story about a naughty club he was in with Geoff.

    Audio from The Rooster Teeth Podcast: Like the animated adventure? Check out all of the Rooster Teeth Podcast here: