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  • gus Elite Staff

    RTX is "One Week" Away

    2 days ago

    So, we are officially less than a week out from opening RTX! Let me start off by saying how excited we are about all the amazing programming we have. Not only do we have tons of Rooster Teeth content to share, but we have so many of our friends in both the online entertainment space as well as the video game industry. Surely we have set the bar so high we could never top it next year, right? What if we top it this year?

    I’m proud to announce that RTX will have a musical show on Saturday night. At no additional cost to you, you can simply walk over to the Paramount Theater on Saturday evening (with your badge...badges are necessary for entry), doors open at 7pm and the show starts promptly at 8pm. Who will be performing?

    We are proud to announce the concert will begin with Video Game Orchestra and special guest Jeff Williams! Created by the producer Shota Nakama, VGO is a Boston-based touring production consisting of a rock band, orchestra and choir performing their original “rockestral” arrangements of video game music. They have recorded for the official soundtracks of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and numerous other blockbuster titles. We’ve been wanting to find a way to have them come down and join us at RTX for years now and we’re super excited to finally make it happen.

    After the VGO performance we will welcome our good friends the Barenaked Ladies on stage. You of course know Ed Robertson as Captain Dynamic, and more recently you have surely seen our collaboration with them on the music videos for Odds Are and Say What You Want.

    We couldn’t be more excited about this announcement, so please come out and join us at the Paramount Theatre on Saturday evening!! Capacity is of course limited so we will be capping the line once we know the venue will be filled. There will be a separate line for VIP badge holders but if you want to get in, you must be there by 7pm when we begin letting people into the venue.

  • brianb

    Portfolio reviews and career advice at RTX 2015

    4 days ago

    For the moment, all slots are full. I'm working with some coworkers on opening up a few more slots. As soon as I know more, I'll post another update to let people know things are back open again.

    Hi guys,
    I've finally posted this year's form to sign up for career advice at RTX this year. Like I've mentioned in the past, this isn't a job interview, but a chance to talk to a design/creative professional about stuff like what working at RT is like, about life as a designer or visual fx artist (if you're a 3D artist you're included in that), feedback on your portfolio and advice on taking your work to the next stage. This year I have three sessions of 10-15 minute appointments available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

    If you have interactive or video work you'd like for me to look at, please make sure that you bring something to show me your material on like a laptop or a tablet. I'll have my phone, but with only ten minutes there's not a lot of time to pull out my cellphone and make sure that something works. It's easier if you have whatever you want to show ready to go.

    Here's the link to a form that you can fill out so that I can be better ready to talk to you too.

    Looking forward to seeing you at RTX next week.

  • Ashley The Know

    Your Art for The Know's Show Banners

    5 days ago

    Now that we have a new site, we also have banners for all of our shows, and we want to feature your art!


    If you have any artwork featuring the theme (i.e. videogames, entertainment, tech) or cast of The Know, The Patch, or Game Club, leave a link to your image in the comments. We'll change the art regularly to keep it fresh and show off all your mad skillz and credit you in the show description.


  • geoff

    Achievement Hunter Video Contest

    6 days ago

    So as mentioned in today's AHWU, and today's Ryan the "Slide" Guy video, we're doing a video contest. If you feel so inclined, you can download a copy of the slide video HERE here and create your own remixed version of it. Go crazy, dubstep it, stubdep it, whatever you want. Just be as wacky and creative as you feel, and of course, don't use licensed music.

    Once you've made your video masterpiece, send me a link to your video in the comments of this journal. Next Monday we'll pick our three favorites, mash them together, upload them, and dole out some prizes.

    Third place gets an autographed AH poster of your choice, second place gets the poster and a shirt, and first place gets the poster, and a hundred dollar gift certificate to our online store.

    If you have any questions about the contest, feel free to ask them in the comments. Remember, you have to get your submission in by 10am CST next Monday (Aug 3rd). So get to it!

  • Adam Director of Technology

    The Long Awaited "+1 WTF!"

    6 days ago

    So we're getting ready to add the long awaited & promised +1 WTF!...

    But we need a -1 [word] to accompany it.

    Comment on this journal with your suggestion, and use the mod system to vote on other options.

    In a few days, we'll take whoever has the highest modded suggestion and implement it.

    Some Ground Rules:

    1. Nothing vulgar.
    2. No curse words.
    3. No racial slurs.
    4. Nothing trademarked / copy written.
    5. RT reserves the right to deny any of the submissions for whatever reason, in case we didn't think of an appropriate ground rule to block something we dont like. :)
  • Pat

    Quick Draw: Still Alive!

    1 week ago

    Hey y'all, it's been a while, but it's finally time for another Quick Draw episode!

    This time, it's our good buddy Josh Ornelas!


    So bring on the questions for this RvB machinimator!!

    Also, 2nd place winner of Gauntlet Season 1!


  • Adam Director of Technology

    Top Development / Site Priorities Right Now

    1 week ago

    Hey everyone -- Just wanting to write a little bit of a post talking about what we're working on, to bring you guys up to speed and let everyone know that we're doing about it.

    To start; this is not an exhaustive list, however these are the key bugs & issues effecting the most amount of people. We're going to be actively focusing on these for the next few days.

    Current Priority List

    • Single Sign On (Sign into RoosterTeeth; You're signed in on AH, TK, FH, ect)
    • Contact Us & Careers Pages not functioning properly.
    • Private Groups are not displayed on one's own user profile.
    • Migrations (Forum Posts, User Images, User Messages)
    • Notifications directing you to another site. (and by thus, logging you out.)
    • Safari Playback & Caching issues.
    • Shows being displayed in UTC instead of your user-specified timezone.
    • Creating a new forum post redirects you to back to the front page, instead of the page you were on.
    • Notifications direct you to the front page, instead of the page the new content was on.
    • Live Stream "LIVE" bar isn't noticible enough.
    • Search Slugs aren't working & linking properly.

    I hope to have these most, if not all of these items hit within the next week.

    I also want to remind people to try and keep feedback located in the Official V2 Feedback Thread so we can keep an ear to the ground for the most offensive issues and make sure they are properly prioritized. As much as I enjoy getting 50 emails, 100 tweets, 25 reddit messages, 5 facebook (really?) messages, a ton of RT site messages and user comments about issues -- it's way easier and things get fixed a lot faster if we keep them all in one consolidated place.

    <3 you guys.

    -- Adam


    In the last 72 hours, we've launched

    • Notification Grouping
    • Videos with quotes in title broke player
    • Fixed transcoding problems causing new videos not to play on mobile.
    • Fixed HLS problem on Android causing videos not not be playable on mobile
    • Fixed ad playback for non-sponsors.
    • A plethora of performance tweaks allowing the site to stabilize & average under 1000ms load time (our goal is to have this substantially lower once we can circle back to performance after a bugfix round)
    • And several key backend & CMS related issues for staff.
  • Adam Director of Technology

    Notification Grouping In!

    1 week ago

    • Notifications should be much less verbose now!
    • Let's Plays should be fixed for playback.

    (lots of little fixes going in in between big ones, but I wanna let people know the moment big things go in.)

  • SixRomeo

    Murder at the RTX FAQs... now with an Android/Windows workaround!

    1 week ago

    Hey guys,

    I've had a number of questions come in about Murder at the RTX and wanted to help clarify some things before the caper kicks off on August 7th.

    When will the app be available to download?

    As mentioned, Murder uses a correlating Detective Tool app to help you with your investigation. It will be available in the Apple App Store the week of RTX. There will be an announcement. Maybe even some balloons.

    Can I participate if I have an Android or Windows device?

    So long as you have a QR code reader app (of which there are a zillion free ones), you can now participate in the investigation. However, while the core experience is the same, this variation does lose some of the more immersive features found in the iPhone app version (augmented reality, etc), so using an iOS 8-enabled device (or sharing one between friends) is still the recommended way to experience the event.

    And believe me, we would've loved Android support, but it just wasn't feasible with this initial development cycle. That said, if this experience proves to be a hit, it'll be my top priority for the next round.

    I'm visiting internationally. Will I need a data plan/service to participate?

    You'll need at least some data, yes. Some of the locales have free Wi-Fi (the convention center, for example), but the investigation might take you out into the seedy streets of Austin -- and you'll still need some internet access. Additionally, there might be times when you need to make a phone call, though you can make that call just as easily from a local land line.

    Do I need the whole weekend to solve the murder? Or is it something I can finish with a single-day attendance?

    The experience is designed to be completed at your leisure -- dedicated sleuths can push through in an hour or two, or you can sprinkle throughout your weekend when you have time between exhibits, panels, and merriment. And if you're playing the full iPhone app variation, all your acquired evidence and progress will be tracked, so you can pick back up anytime.

    How fast you finish depends entirely on you -- and your penchant for puzzle-solving.

    So, is this interactive theatre? An escape room? Just what is this thing?!

    It's not inherently interactive theatre or an escape room, though it adapts elements from both. You'll be interacting with characters, but in a way that requires less suspension of disbelief than interactive theatre. And you'll definitely encounter logic puzzles, but they'll more organic to the world than a standalone escape room.

    There are also some gamified elements and a sprinkling of scavenger hunt, all tethered with a fun, pulpy story. Truthfully, I don't know of anything quite like what we're doing with Murder at the RTX, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you.

    Come solve the murder August 7-9th at RTX.

  • Barbara

    How to get your RTX Badge

    1 week ago

    This year, we had planned to mail out all US orders for RTX badges.
    Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances and still not receiving what we need to ship these in time for RTX, badge pick-up will happen AT RTX this year, similar to how it's been the previous 2 years.

    We are working on getting registration at multiple locations (JW Marriott, Hilton Austin, and Convention Center). It will open Thursday for early registration (TIME TBD) and be open from 8 AM - 6 PM Friday through Sunday.


    • You only have to register once.
    • You can register at any of the 3 locations.
    • If you bought multiple tickets, you can pick up all of them at once.
    • You will need your order confirmation email and a photo ID to get your badge. We will also have the ability to look you up in the system.
    • The original purchaser must be present (name on the shipping address OR the billing address will both work just fine). If they will not be present (for example, your mom bought the tickets, put her name on the shipping address, but she won't be coming), please have the purchaser call the Frontgate Customer Service Center (888-512-SHOW) to change the name on the order to your name.
    • The Frontgate Tickets Customer Service team will be processing refunds for shipping charges starting tomorrow.

    A lot of your questions can be directed to Frontgate's support system here.

    This is all the information we have at this point. We are sorry for the inconvenience, however this process will not be difficult, and having 3 locations will alleviate long lines. Sadly, this is beyond our control and this is the only solution.

    Thank you for your understanding, and we'll see you in 2 weeks!