Hey there! If you’re here to watch RWBY and are unsure where to start, don’t be afraid! We’ve put together some handy details to help you jump right in.

Release Schedule

RWBY has a three-tier release schedule:

  • Rooster Teeth FIRST members see the episode first

  • One day later, everyone signed into a Rooster Teeth account (including free/non-FIRST members) can watch the episode on our site

  • Six days after that, the general public can watch the episode on RoosterTeeth.com or YouTube

Membership Options

FIRST is Rooster Teeth’s subscription video service. Members get access to exclusive content and premium series, as well as other perks like no ads, early access to episodes, live broadcasts, Rooster Teeth Store discounts, early access to event ticket sales, and more. Plans start at $3.33 a month, and you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to see what it’s all about. You will need to enter your payment info to start this trial, but you can cancel at any time if it’s not for you (but we promise it’s awesome). To get started, toggle either the 1-month or 6-month option under the FIRST heading on the signup page.


If that’s a little too rich for your blood, you can always sign up for a completely free Rooster Teeth account. Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to watch RWBY episodes six days before they’re available to the general public. You’ll also get a customizable profile, the ability to comment on videos and forums, and save videos for later. Simply select the “free” option on the signup page to get started. If you decide you don’t want to wait that extra day to watch RWBY, you can upgrade to FIRST at any time.

If you have any questions, leave a comment here and we’ll help you out as soon as possible. We want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy RWBY!