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  • gus Elite Staff

    Come see us in San Francisco, LA and Austin!

    4 days ago

    There are so many options for you to see us in the next couple of weeks!

    First of all you can come see us with the Kinda Funny guys at Kinda Funny Live 2 next weekend in San Francisco! I'll be there with Burnie, Michael, Geoff, Adam and Bruce (from Funhaus) and of course the Kinda Funny guys. It is a two day event and there are a limited number of tickets remaining so make sure to jump on that!

    June 17th the AH guys will be taking over the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for Let's Play Live. We're working on some crazy ideas to top the original Let's Play Live and should have some details about that pretty soon! Check back to find out what special guests will be joining them as we manage to put on a show that will surely get us banned from ever going to the Dolby Theatre again.

    Finally of course is the event that started it all, RTX. Returning for the sixth year RTX is July 1st-3rd in Austin. Be there to see the spectacle we work all year to create. There are sure to be new announcements and unique experiences on the show floor that you have to see in person to believe.

  • Free Play

    Real Man's Jingle Jam – #60

    5 days ago

    It’s Free Play! Meg and Ryan get the pictures back from their prom date last week. Plus, Tyler stops by to read some tweets from a very erotic hashtag. Finally, there’s innuendos abound in this week’s giant Jingle stunt.

  • Becca Seester

    Fan Art Friday #13: JayAzhure

    5 days ago

    It’s time for our weekly look at the best Rooster Teeth fan art from our community, curated by the fine folks at BIGBITE!

    This week’s featured artist is Jessica, AKA @JayAzhure, for her digital painting of Raven.


    Jessica lives in Quebec, Canada, where she’s a graphic designer by profession and a digital artist by hobby. She also enjoys writing and composing music.

    This painting was mostly made with Corel Painter, and tweaked in Photoshop. It took about nine hours to make, and was inspired by a RWBY Raven cosplayer called VanyaElemmire.

    You can see more of Jessica’s art on her DeviantArt page.


    Want a chance to be featured in future Fan Art Fridays? Head over to the Fan Art Friday thread in the Art forum to find out how!

  • RT Life

    The Ultimate Rickshaw Race

    5 days ago

    The only thing tougher than running is running while carrying someone. Blaine, Tyler, and Joel fight to be the first to finish…

    Thanks Old Spice Dream Runner and their Hardest Working Collection for sponsoring this video. Check out the Old Spice Dream Runner site to draw your shape, break a sweat and hopefully win the prize of the day!

  • micaburton

    Officially Hunting Achievements

    6 days ago

    So, the cat is out of the bag—I’m an Achievement Hunter now????? I honestly still think I might be dreaming… but this has been a secret that I’ve been keeping (surprisingly well) since Extra Life of 2015. I know it’s hard to fit in with a group that has been so established and has such a huge and solid fan-base and change is super scary, but you guys—the kick ass Rooster Teeth community—have been so damn kind and welcoming and it warms my fucking heart. I never imagined in a million years I would be anyone’s #wcw or there would be people who want me to sign their Xbox. It’s an Xbox! THAT’S EXPENSIVE AS SHIT! But seriously, thank you so much for your support. It’s the kindness of all of you and everyone in the Rooster Teeth family that makes this move to Austin not at pants-shittingly terrifying as it should be. I can’t wait to begin this incredible journey and I am so so, SO grateful to join this team.

    There are so many more exciting announcements about what I’ll specifically be doing within AH but I think those are a small secret for now! …Or maybe just for a few days, I’m not really sure today was a blur. Once again, thank you for all your kind words and support, it means the world to me. I’m sending each and every one of you my love and hope your dreams come true too. <3

  • Becca Seester

    Let’s Say I Expense the Purchase of an Xbox One

    1 week ago

    By @thegeoffjohnston

    There’s only one thing you need to know about me before you read this: I do not currently own an Xbox One and I would really like to own an Xbox One. Ok, that’s two things. Also, I’m not good at counting. That’s three things.

    Here’s a fourth thing you need to know about me: I’m a writer. That means I take myself way too seriously and suffer from a crippling alcohol problem. When I’m not enwrapped in my own ponderousness and pickling my liver in bourbon, I might find the time and energy to write things. Occasionally, I receive money in exchange for the things I write as a freelancer. When this occurs, I am required to fork over roughly half of that money to the Internal Revenue Service come mid-April. It’s called “the dream” and I’m living it.

    Now let’s say I want to purchase an Xbox One. And let’s say most of my money is allocated to buying bourbon, repaying student loans, and offsetting debts incurred from gambling on breakdance fighting tournaments. How can I possibly afford an Xbox One? Easy. I write it off as a business expense when I pay my taxes.

    Let’s continue to say things. Let’s say I use my computer a certain percent of the time to do work. And I do so from a dedicated corner of my home, AKA my office. And let’s say I might be required to drive my car a certain distance to do stuff related to freelance work, such as buying more bourbon or paying my bookie so he won’t snap off my thumbs, thus allowing me to continue the physical act of typing on a keyboard. I can calculate certain costs – such as the cost of internet, a portion of my rent based on the square footage of my home office, and the gas I use to drive to the liquor store or the roller rink where my bookie hangs out – and claim these costs as legitimate work-related expenses that are then deducted from the amount of taxes I owe. I’m, like, 34 to 75% sure that’s how it works. Remember, I’m not great at counting. I’m even worse at estimating percentages of unquantifiable, wildly inaccurate knowledge.

    Now, what if I were to say that the Xbox One is currently available in a Halo 5 limited edition 1 TB bundle that includes a specially designed Spartan Steel Book containing a digital download of Halo 5: Guardian? The console is decked out in a custom Halo design with a matching wireless controller, and the external power and HDMI video output cables are included. It comes with eight CPU cores, 8 GB of system RAM, a GPU speed of 853 MHz, and three USB 3.0 ports. The packaged product is 14.2 x 12.4 x 7.4 inches and weighs 14 pounds. If you order from Amazon, international shipping is not currently available.

    Impressed? Probably not. That’s totally fine. I’ve now provided enough general detail about the hardware and product specs of the Halo 5 limited edition Xbox One to be considered sufficient for the purposes of summarizing the device’s performance capabilities and may now proceed to write off the purchase of said Halo 5 limited edition Xbox One as a legitimate business expense.

    Did I mention the motion controls or the controller’s built-in rumble support? I don’t need to and you don’t care. What’s important here is that I’ve given just enough detail about a commercial product to warrant the reimbursement of its purchase.

    Check back with me around this time next year for my follow-up piece, How to Trigger an Exhaustively Detailed Tax Audit.

  • RT Docs

    Greetings From India

    1 week ago

    Hello from Burnie and Gavin! We're in Pushkar, India to fulfill our dream of traveling halfway around the world to get a head massage.

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

    The Sibling Situation – #376

    1 week ago

    Join Gus Sorola, Brandon Farmahini, Aaron Marquis, and Chris Demarais as they discuss space lawyers, Aaron’s brother Lynn, road rage, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 16, 2016.

  • Becca Seester

    Music Recommendations from RWBY Composer Jeff Williams

    1 week ago

    By @charlesaustin

    Have you listened to the RWBY soundtracks a million times, and find yourself wanting even more music? Those of you with time machines can stop reading and jump to 2025 to check out RWBY Volume 12. But for everyone else, composer Jeff Williams has shared some recommendations to tide you over.

    Jeff’s soundtracks are wildly eclectic, and naturally this list follows suit. He says, “One of the best things about doing music for Rooster Teeth, since the beginning, has always been the fact that they’ve really given me an incredibly long leash to run around on. They’ve let me do so many different musical styles now.”

    “That’s the biggest joy in the world to me. I’m not good at sticking with a particular style of music. I’d get very bored very quickly if I had to do 12 songs that all were in the same style and genre.”

    In that spirit, here are five very different recommendations.

    Pierce the Veil

    “Pierce the Veil is a young-ish rock band that has influenced me a lot over the last several years where we were working on the RWBY stuff. I’m sort of an old guy, you know? So to me it’s a really, really important thing to not get stuck on music that I loved when I was in high school or college or whatnot.”

    But speaking of music he liked in high school...

    Night Ranger

    “The truth really is that the music that I listened to when I was in high school is really, super fundamental to my basic songwriting style. So for example, I think an ‘80s pop-rock band like Night Ranger… Night Ranger were… They just picked the worst fucking band name of all time.”

    “How could anybody not ever say to those guys like, ‘You can’t call your band Night Ranger. It’s just fucking stupid. It just sounds bad in every possible way.’ I can’t believe no one ever told them, ‘You guys are great, you just need a less horrible name.’”

    “But you know, their songwriting style was a big influence to me. I was really into things like that when I was 15 or 16.”

    Hans Zimmer

    “When it comes to orchestral stuff and symphonic stuff, I’m really influenced more by soundtracks than by straight up legit classical guys.”

    “But yeah, I mean most of the modern film score guys. Danny Elfman. Hans Zimmer. Howard Shore. All those things in equal parts, I’d say.”

    Igor Stravinsky

    “When it comes to the straight up legit classical guys, I really like the Russians. Their shit is just so intense. Stravinsky. Bartók. Eastern Europeans. Shostakovich. You know. That’s stuff I listen to and I’m like, ‘Jesus Christ these guys were fucking crazy.’”


    “For me, before there was that rock stuff growing up, I grew up in a really disco, R&B household. My older brothers and sisters had all these disco records. And you know, Stevie Wonder and Prince records. Those were my really core things.”

    “So you know, a song like “Dream Come True” on last year’s RWBY soundtrack. It’s really those guys. It's really a Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson kind of a thing that I’m trying to do.”

    One last side note here. Though Jeff hasn’t quite turned himself into a symbol, he and Prince do share a taste for eccentric guitars. Check out his custom RWBY guitar below. He says, “The RWBY guitar was made for me and given to me as a gift by a fan turned friend, Nick Montgomery, at RTX 2015.”


  • RT Animated Adventures

    Gavin or Google #3

    1 week ago

    In this edition of Gavin or Google, Burnie covers accidental furniture assembly, or possible cases of bestiality. Which stupid thing did Gavin say? Let's find out!

    Audio from RT Podcast #226.