Vol 3 DVD/Blu-Ray Extras – Let's Make a Show: The Legacy of RWBY Clip

In this sneak peek at the Blu-Ray extra features, join the cast and crew as they talk about how RWBY was first created and how it has evolved over the past three volumes.


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  • RT Specials

    The Amazing Race Special Podcast with Burnie & Ashley #3

    9 minutes ago

    WE'RE STILL IN IT! Join Burnie Burns, Ashley Jenkins, and Jon Risinger as we get caught up on every leg (so far) no matter how long we have to faf about to do it! We'll dance our way through Georgia, race camels in Dubai, and wear the latest in Snake fashion in Bali. Caution, U-TURN AHEAD.

    Behind the scenes/clips/previews with Burnie and Ashley: http://bit.ly/1XKY76x

    Thumbnail art by @drilly812 on Twitter

  • RWBY

    Vol 3 DVD/Blu-Ray Extras – Let's Make a Show: The Legacy of RWBY Clip

    4 hours ago

    RWBY Volume 3 DVD/Blu-Ray Available NOW at RoosterTeeth.com/store

    In this sneak peek at the Blu-Ray extra features, join the cast and crew as they talk about how RWBY was first created and how it has evolved over the past three volumes.

  • Becca Seester

    Up Close and Uncomfortable #3: Drunk

    7 hours ago

    It’s time for another edition of Up Close and Uncomfortable, a monthly feature that gives readers an intimate look into the inner workings of Rooster Teeth staff members’ minds.

    There’s no use avoiding the fact that today is one of the heaviest drinking days in America. To celebrate, we’re focusing on drunken adventures by posing this question:

    What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done while drunk?

    Steph Sant (@tndrloin)

    I pissed the bed.

    Years ago, a few months into a relationship, I (of course) don’t remember the exact details of the evening, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that I completely pissed the bed.

    I woke up mortified and so worried about his reaction. He nonchalantly shrugged and said, “Eh, it happens?” He then gathered the sheets and blankets, put them in the wash, and got me coffee to assist with the obvious hangover.

    I eventually married him in a helicopter.

    Although we’re no longer married, this was one of the first moments I realized that sometimes, you do literally piss the bed. And if you’re a great person, another good soul never gives you shit about it. You move on and revel in the humanity of others.

    I’m going to pay it forward when you piss in *my* bed (accidentally, no on-purposes allowed – unless you put on the rubber sheets first).

    Andy Cortez (@AndyCortez)

    First things first, my friends and I were going to play a drinking game where you pick a card out of a deck and have to guess whether it's a red or black card. If a person guessed correctly, they poured some of their alcohol into a large cup in the center of the table. If they guessed incorrectly, they had to drink all of the alcohol in that big cup. This game is supposed to be played with the same type of alcohol, but we were fucking idiots and all of us had different drinks (Steel Reserve, MD 20/20, Four Loko, Tecate, etc.).

    Now let's rewind to when I was about to arrive at the party. I hadn't eaten all day and I didn't want to get drunk too fast. Instead of stopping at Whataburger or something, I thought it'd be harmless to eat two bags of Flamin' Hot Fries.

    Fast forward to the game...

    When it got to be my turn, about three people had guessed the correct card color, and the big cup in the center was a concoction of several awful types of beer. I guessed red...

    Nope. It was a black card. I had to drink everything in the cup. It was fucking awful.

    Maybe 10 or 15 minutes later, five people had guessed the correct card color, and the big cup in the center was nearly full.

    I picked the wrong color again and had to force down a terrible combination of different drinks that were already kind of gross on their own.

    Cut to 30 minutes later, we're hanging out on the patio in the backyard.

    I'm drunk. Really drunk.

    I could feel my stomach twisting and turning, and I wanted to vomit so bad so I could just feel better. I went the forceful route and made myself throw up. My finger barely got to the back of my tongue before I spewed bright red vomit all over the place.

    The Flamin' Hot Fries made my throat feel like it was on fire. I kept saying I felt like Charizard spitting out fire, and my friends called me Charizard for the remainder of the evening.

    This is a photo taken of me that night.

    p data-verified=

    Miles Luna (@Miles)

    It was Halloween. I was drunk. I made out with this super hot Filipino girl dressed as a Navi from Avatar. I then continued to enjoy the rest of the night with blue paint all over my face and neck.

    Nobody told me.

    ...worth it.

    Becca Frasier (@Becca)

    A few months before I graduated from college, my best friend and I decided to take a weekend trip to visit our two best guy friends. I will never understand why, but they decided to move back into a dorm on the Texas A&M campus for their final year of college. My best guess is that they were virgins with Van Wilder dreams. But that’s beside the point.

    Nights in which the four superfriends got together always ended in a drunken blur. This night was no exception. We began in standard form, pre-partying at the dorm before we walked to the bar district. I even posted a journal on the RT site as we shot the shit. That last sentence was pretty serious foreshadowing.

    I honestly don’t remember much after we made our way to the bars. There were shots ‘n beers, beers ‘n shots. I playfully pantsed some fun-loving guy who latched onto our party, but I only remember that part because my friend took a picture of it.

    Eventually it was time to make our way back to the dorm. As we began our trek across the campus, my best friend and I realized we really needed to pee. There was nary a toilet to be found, so we decided to pop squats behind some hedges that lined an administrative building. We clearly weren’t as discreet as we thought we were, because our moment of sweet release was quickly interrupted by a campus security guard. He graciously allowed us to finish, and sent us on our merry ways with a warning: “If I were a real cop, you could have been in serious trouble.” D’oh.

    I wish that moment were the dumbest thing I did that night. Nope. It gets worse.

    We came across a lovely pond about half a mile from the dorm, and decided that was the perfect location for a group photo. I set up my camera, started the timer, and scurried to join the group… or at least that’s what they thought I was going to do. Instead, I thought it would be HILARIOUS to jump in the pond at the last moment and photobomb them like some sort of deranged swamp creature.


    I guess it was kind of hilarious, but I knew I’d made a huge mistake the moment I touched the water. Its viscosity more closely resembled that of slime, and it smelled like a frog’s asshole. Even worse, I was fully clothed. Leather shoes, socks, jeans, blazer – the works. As I tried to make my way out, I slipped and fell, resulting in head-to-toe pond scum coverage. After I finally escaped, I decided it was in my best interest to remove my filthy shirt and blazer, so I walked the rest of the way back in just a bra and jeans, picking moss out of my crevices with every step.

    When I got back to my friends’ dorm, I got in the shower with my clothes on and tried my best to wash out the pond funk. They were still horribly rancid the next morning, which was the cherry on top of my hangover sundae. The real kicker was that the blazer never lost its mossy essence, even after dozens of washes. That pond was the gift that kept on giving.

    You know what else is a gift that keeps on giving? My old journal entries. Yeah, I decided to make another update after I got home.

    Kody Gibson (@gibsonnotguitar)

    Most of the dumb things I’ve done drunk are dumb because they easily could have killed me. One of those things took place on a white water rafting trip to the New River Gorge in West Virginia. Some college buddies and I drove down from Indiana with absolutely no whitewater experience. The entire day we were on the river, our guide warned us several times about two things: 1) the meat grinder, and 2) hypothermia. The meat grinder is a nasty class 5 rapid at the end of the run. People die there regularly, getting dumped out of the boat and sucked under huge boulders, where you either get tossed around underwater or pinned against the rocks. We narrowly escaped the meat grinder.

    The hypothermia our guide referred to was about the snow and sudden temperature drop that would be arriving in the middle of the night. He explicitly warned us not to pass out drunk outside our tent, beyond the protection of our warm sleeping bags. That night, the campground offered six hours of FREE BEER. In college, when I heard free beer, I thought that meant you had to literally drink all you possibly could to take advantage of such an opportunity. I thought, hey, we made it through the meat grinder, we’re invincible!

    So, I puked all over my sleeping bag in the middle of the night and passed out outside of my tent with temperatures dropping into the 20s. Luckily, I woke up at some point covered in snow and zipped myself back into my disgusting sleeping bag. I couldn’t stop shivering for about the next 24 hours, and I couldn’t eat or drink anything. And I never drank Coors Light or Blue Moon ever again.

    Gus Sorola (@gus)

    Tim Leftwich (@timleftwich)

    I'm going to tell you the story of "The Forrest Gump Drinking Game." So, one chilly November night in college (the backdrop for most great young and drunk stories), the theatre department decided to throw a party for ourselves. We had been working really hard recently on an upcoming production and, fuck it, we all needed the break. Now, I was about 22, and still fairly new to the whole drinking scene. My first few experiences ended fairly predictably, praying to the porcelain gods. But when I heard we would be just playing some games and watching movies, I was totally in.

    At this point I should explain the rules of "The Forrest Gump Drinking Game." They are fairly simple: While watching Forrest Gump, take a drink every time anyone says "Forrest," "Jenny," or "Momma." Oh, and one last word for the list: "shrimp." So, let's think about this: "My name is Forrest, Forrest Gump" is two drinks immediately. "Run, Forrest! Run!" is another. "Momma always said this..." and "Momma always said that..." and then... the dreaded shrimp sequence... this game is basically designed to fail at around the 45 minute mark.

    But I didn’t know that. Yet.

    Around 20 people at the party made it to the part where Forrest ditches his "Magic Shoes" and runs home (maaaybe the 15 minute mark) before we all needed to stop for a minute. Seriously, 15 minutes into the movie and we were already almost double that in shots. So we all went outside for some fresh air, and one person in our group (a huge wrestling fan) decided it would be a good idea to show this bush who's boss with a Macho Man Randy Savage elbow drop from the top rope onto this thing. It was not a good idea. He rolled out of the bush all cut up and scraped, grinning from ear to ear, looking for the next person to put in line. Aaaaand it was me. But hell, I was already pretty drunk. So why not. Fuck that bush for looking at me in that tone of voice. So, I saddled on up to the chair that simulated a good height, called to the crowd for cheers (got none), and then jumped for all I was worth...

    Over the bush. Onto the hard ground. Where I lay for a few minutes, completely winded and gasping like a goldfish. But the night did not end there, no sir or ma'am. Four other people had their turns to varying degrees of semi-scarred success before we meandered on back inside.

    Some people parted ways at that point, and about 12 of the heartiest partygoers resumed the movie. Aaaand then the shrimp scene started. Shrimp scampi (gulp), shrimp gumbo (gulp), fried shrimp (gulp), boiled shrimp (gulp)... you get the idea. We got through about half of it before one of the ladies slammed her glass down on the table and yelled, "I wanna see somebody GET NAKED!"

    Immediately three dudes ripped off their shirts and started helicoptering them above their heads, dancing all over the place. I may or may not have been one of them – sources are rather fuzzy. Money started appearing out of pockets, and we each went around and... well... earned that money. I am not proud of what took place next. I presented my butt to the woman who initially made the naked request, waiting for a bill to be placed within my waistband, when suddenly...

    I felt a great whoosh of air and my boxers were around my ankles, dick out to the rest of the party, butt to her. A bill was placed in my crack and my boxers were replaced with another whoosh of air. I remember this very distinctly because as I looked down in that split second of horror, all I could think about was, "Man, it really WAS rather cold outside, huh?"

    And then I went to my back yard for the rest of the night to lie in the grass and think about what I had just done. I woke up there in the morning.

    There are before and after photos from that night, and I still have no recollection of that second picture ever being taken, but I'm sure glad it exists. Because otherwise, that night would be gone forever.





    Trevor Collins (@TrevorC)

    I once walked over 5 miles, across state lines, to get back home. It was an adventure.

    It was a few years back and I lived in northern Cincinnati at the time. So a few friends and I went across the river to a flip cup tournament in Newport, KY. Each team had a theme and we went as the nerds. We did this whole thing on empty stomachs, which was a bad move, so we went to the Hofbräuhaus nearby for some more food and beer. After dancing on tables for a bit, which is a Hofbräuhaus thing, I decided I couldn't eat and wanted to leave. I just walked out. My friends had just gotten their food and I just freakin' left.

    I knew there was a pedestrian bridge, so I was covered, and so began my adventure. I didn't really have a map so I just headed north in general. On my walk I met a man, dropped my phone, took someone's taxi, made a phone call, petted a dog, and ultimately got a second ride from a strange woman, all while wearing my lovely nerd getup, complete with my 1980's style brick of a camera. I paid the woman with the fake nerd glasses I was wearing and entered my apartment, beating my roommate back home. While I embarrassed myself in front of all the lovely people I met, my solace was that no one really knew my adventures. Until right now.

    If you want to recreate this adventure, probably don't.


    And that wraps up yet another glimpse into the dysfunctional lives of Rooster Teeth staff. New issues of "Up Close and Uncomfortable" will be released the first Thursday of every month, so check back on June 2 for your next dose of depravity.

    As always, leave a comment to share your dumbest drunken moments.

    Oh, and if you want to really make the most of your Cinco de Mayo, head to the Rooster Teeth Store to take advantage of the 15% discount on all animation products (including the all-new RWBY Volume 3 Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack) and $5 flat rate shipping in the United States. Today only!

  • RT Life

    Not Poop

    7 hours ago

    Benny. Christopher. Benny. These are the names of dead crawfish. Never name your crawfish.

  • RWBY

    Vol 3 Blu-Ray Extras – No Heroes in the End Clip

    1 day ago

    RWBY Volume 3 DVD/Blu-Ray Available NOW at RoosterTeeth.com/store

    In this sneak peek at the DVD/Blu-Ray extra features, join the cast and crew as they explore the Journey of team RWBY and how the experience has affected the characters and the artist who create the show.

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

    8:11 – #374

    2 days ago

    Join Gus Sorola, Gavin Free, Barbara Dunkelman, and Burnie Burns as they discuss troll dolls, Game of Thrones, genital jousting, and more on this week's RT Podcast! This episode originally aired on May 2, 2016.

  • The Slow Mo Guys

    Inside a Giant 6ft Air Balloon

    2 days ago

    Subscribe to our 2nd channel! - https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSlowMoGuys2

    It's been 5 years since we uploaded our original giant balloon video. Here's a slow mo tribute.

  • Becca Seester

    The Evolution of the DualShock® Controller

    3 days ago

    By @charlesaustin

    The flimsy gray controller that shipped with the original PlayStation, in 1994, is not remarkable at all. Some people might tell you that it was different from other controllers at the time. “Its buttons used symbols instead of letters,” they might say. How quickly people forget that X and O are letters. A triangle is the top of a capital A and a square is a shitty D.

    But in 1997, Sony got it right. The first DualShock was an improvement on anything that had come before. Its rumble feature was novel for its time. And since the N64 controller had already cornered the market of people with three hands, Sony decided on a pair of rubber-tipped thumbsticks that rested comfortably under two human thumbs.

    With all that in mind, let’s explore the long and exciting evolution of the most enduring controller in video game history.

    DualShock 1 (1997)

    Okay, this controller was not called “DualShock 1;” it was just called “DualShock.” Sony’s engineers could not guarantee that the human race would survive long enough to make a DualShock 2. Even so, they predicted the future better than they expected. The basic button configuration and shape of this design persisted for many generations to come.


    DualShock 2 (2000)

    Next, some designers just made the controller black and the buttons pressure sensitive. This was back in a time when dancing hamster GIFs were the cutting edge of memes, and people would accept anything as innovation.

    DualShock 3 (2007)

    After a couple of stupid ideas bombed, Sony unveiled the DualShock 3. And while the company’s failed innovations probably left Sony execs wishing they could hang their hardware designers, there’s no way they could hang them with a DualShock 3. This thing was wireless, after all, with a slightly sleeker design and motion sensing technology to boot.


    DualShock 4 (2013)

    At the time it was introduced, this model represented the biggest overhaul of the DualShock to date. The thumbsticks were improved, the handles changed, and a touchpad was added. Sony also came up with the extremely convenient Share button, which nobody ever clicked by accident.


    DualShock 360 (2018)

    Although some wiseguy in Sony’s marketing department gave this controller a retro name to mock the Xbox after Microsoft went bankrupt in 2017, everything else about this controller was futuristic to a T.

    Building off the success of the fourth generation’s Share button, Sony replaced the “PS” Home button with an Arby’s® button that orders five Roast Beef Classics® with Arby’s Sauce® every time it’s pressed.


    DualShock 6 Presented by Arby’s® (2024)

    Arby’s – suddenly the world’s largest corporation – was so flush with cash from gamers accidentally ordering sandwiches during gameplay that they bought the rights to Sony’s flagship controller (not to mention Sony itself). This unforgettable design featured a laser-etched signature from R.B. Cruthers, the Arby’s CEO who soon went on to win the 2024 presidential election.


    DualShock 7 (Year of the Prime-Cut™ Chicken Bacon Swiss®)

    Critics and fans alike consider this to be one of the greatest controllers ever designed. After lax security at an Arby’s® nuclear missile facility allowed terrorists to detonate the country’s entire nuclear arsenal, fans appreciated that this controller’s 2” switchblade helped them cut through dense jungle thickets in the new dystopian hellscape. Its dual tasers – triggered with the L1 and R1 buttons – were pretty handy too, helping gamers subdue the murderous bandits that swarmed the derelict ruins of once-great American cities.


    With that, we have arrived at the present day. It’s been a wild ride for this iconic accessory, and only time will tell what the next generation might bring!

  • RT Animated Adventures

    The Instacart Recovery

    3 days ago

    Gus talks about reaching new heights (or lows) in his human interactions when ordering groceries. Gavin poses the question to the guys about the recovery position, but nobody knows what the hell that is.

    Audio from RT Podcast #311 and RT Podcast #350.

  • Gray

    RWBY NEWZ: Hot Topic, Video & Soundtrack, Game, & Chibi!

    4 days ago

    It's a huge week for RWBY! Let's hit the headlines real quick:


    RWBY has begun to hit the shelves at Hot Topic! Officially starting today, May 1st, as part of their "Ani-May" theme month (...and surely, no matter where she is right now, Barb just perked up and started smiling and nodding in approval) Hot Topic is promoting RWBY in every single one of their nearly 650 stores as well as at HotTopic.com! A half dozen shirt designs have already hit, but THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING! There is so much new RWBYness headed your way this year, keep your eye on the stores for more new clothing, accessories, and (ahem) other assorted collectibles! Oh, and their online store is running a 20% off everything sale, starting riiiiiiiight about.... now!


    RWBY Vol.3 Blu, DVD annnnnnnnnd SOUNDTRACK!!! Ahhhh! RWBY Vol.3 is currently the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in both anime "Hot New Releases" *and* in anime overall!!! And it's not even out yet! But the wait for the video ends THIS TUESDAY May 3rd! Even better, the digital RWBY Volume 3 Soundtrack should drop THIS WEEK, so stay on the lookout for that!

    RWBY GRIMM ECLIPSE! Heads up, there's a content update for RWBY:GE on Steam at the end of this week, including a new map, Forever Fall! The price will start to go up when the new content pack hits, so if you haven't got it yet, now's the time!

    RWBY CHIBI PREMIERES THIS SATURDAY! If you met up with fellow fans last week to watch RWBY Vol.1 on the big screen through the Tugg event (more details on the Tugg screening of Vol.2 soon, btw!), you got an exclusive sneak peek at the new show RWBY Chibi! And now the show will premiere for sponsors this coming Saturday May 7th, 10am U.S. Central! More news about the show and the overall release schedule later this week.

    *gasping for breath after all this news*