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We Need Party Photoshops for the Sponsor Cast!Hosted by Gus Sorola, Joel Heyman, Matt Hullum & Geoff Ramsey.

Hey Guys! We have another call for silly or fun photoshops for this week's audio sponsor cast. The subject is "10 Years of Parties in 30 minutes with Gus, Joel, Matt and Geoff" We'll pick one photoshop as the thumbnail of the video and incorporate some of the others into the visual component of the video. You can watch last week's episode to see what I mean here!

This Week's Cast - You can find pictures of them at the links below or google:
Gus Sorola
Geoff Ramsey
Matt Hullum aka Drunk Matt
Joel Heyman

Links to some fun fanshops from last week's episode:
The Thumbnail

We'll give the creators of all of the chosen photoshops props in the video description. You can post your pic in the comment section of this post but note that we will only accept submissions from Rooster Teeth site sponsors. Thanks!
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