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24 year-old male from Raymond, NH
What's up? I'm Connor, you can call me Corndog.
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MEN: Help Me With My Project?Hey there! I need a little help gathering information for a final project. Your help is required! It's pretty simple. There are these 10 sentences:

1) Cuts go down in your blood, then into another country
2) I can speak Italian, "MAMA MIA"
3) I get to go on the slide first!!
4) Well i know but sometimes i scold the cat is what i do
5) When i am a dad, any paint craft my kids want to do they can do it on the walls
6) Everybody knows that the stork brings the baby
7) How can something that makes flowers be bad?
8) I will never get married
9) When people love each other they hug and kiss
10) Some boys are cute and make jokes in class to make everyone laugh

All you have to do is give me 10 little mini answers. Like this: 7) I think this sentence is from a girl because little girls talk about flowers more than boys I think. Or rather, it's more common to hear a young girl say this than a boy."
Super simple. It'll take you 5-10 minutes tops. I just need to collect this data from a bunch of people, and fast!
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