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23 year-old male from Raymond, NH
What's up? I'm Connor, you can call me Corndog.
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Connor Samurai4life
Send Me Stuff?Hey all!

So recently I've been asked by a few people where they can send stuff for me to receive. Up until now, pretty much everything has been sent to our podcast mailing address, but with the few people asking, I figured what the hell. If you REALLY, REALLY want me to have something, I've got a PO Box you can send it to!

I would like to emphasize that I'm not asking for anything, or saying that I want a bunch of stuff from people. I'll say what I always say when people ask to send me stuff: Are you sure? You don't want whatever it is? You don't know someone who might want it more? If after asking yourselves those questions, you're still absolutely sure that you want to send something, then by all means, I'll accept it happily.

That's pretty much it! Thank you very much to the people who have sent me stuff in the past, and to those who have been asking me about it now. You're all way too nice. And for those who want to send, here you go:

PO Box 362,
1 Autumn Lane,
Sandown, New Hampshire, 03873

ALSO! I hope to see many of you at RTX! It's really close! THE EXCITEMENT IS BUILDING!
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