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This Justin Review: GTAVSandbox games, in my opinion, walk the thinnest line of any genre when it comes to being either really fun or mind-numbingly boring. Just Cause 2 was a lot of fun to play and travel around in, but there wasn't enough to do. Red Dead Redemption had plenty of content, setting, and characters to enjoy, but it was often difficult to get around due to weird physics and SUDDEN COUGAR ATTACK. Crackdown and especially Spider-Man 2 are closer to games I enjoy; total freedom of movement but not enough to "shrink" the map, fun tone and setting, and plenty of character boosting things to do/collect.

Where GTAV falls into this has yet to be seen in full, as the multiplayer hasn't been released yet. In an effort to save this post from becoming a wall of text, I'll list my general grievances and what I liked about the singleplayer here with the big points for last:
-The weapon wheel is a welcome addition though I hear the guns aren't modeled after real ones like in previous games.
-Reticle is sometimes hard to see.
-Impossible to aim without shooting in a car.
-Flying vehicles are much harder to control, even with 100 flying skill.
-The police are brutal in this game, often going straight to two stars for stuff you'd easily get away with in IV. Really slows down the game IMO.
-It's really easy to die, you have to head to AmmuNation for armor a lot if you want to survive seemingly basic encounters.
-When you do die, there's a pretty heavy hospital bill and WASTED comes up immediately so you can't see your body at least ragdoll a bit.
-It's also impossible to quickly replay a mission, you have to die to reset, which also exempts you from getting 100%.
-I hate seeing "you did 70% in this mission" in all games, looking at you Assassin's Creed.
-Escaping from the police is a lot more interesting, with line of sight rules meaning you can easily hide if you know where to go.
-Taking pictures is great when it works.
-The cars are a highlight, especially if you know a thing or two about real world cars which I don't.
-Customizing cars looks fun but I'm going to wait for bug fixes/online for that.
-Making money will be difficult if you ignore the stock market during the story like I did.
-The first half of the story has a lot of energy and potential, which unfortunately fades as other minor characters take control and force the plot away from heists and crime.

The Big Ones:
-Heists fall flat on their face. The first one is awesome and sets up the game with a system of risk/reward on who to bring and how to go about it, which is never fully used again until the end, making the leveling up of your characters pointless.
-The characters are the meat of this game, with a ton of memorable scenes and dialogue that kept me playing just for that next cutscene. I found myself calling as many characters as possible during the long schlep between missions just for some more interaction.
-The pop-in textures were atrocious, I don't know if it was my hard drive or what but my game froze repetitively and I sometimes drove from mission to mission without seeing the ground fully loaded.
-I usually say that it's the little things that make or break a game, and boy is this game filled with moments that you could easily miss but are so worth testing and finding out. For instance, if you run over someone or fire your gun, it's possible to find the person dialing 911 and punch them out before the call is made.

Overall I found GTAV to be enjoyable, to the point that I'll probably play it again when it comes out for a system that can actually handle it. But for now the game engine hates me and I don't particularly enjoy its company either.
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