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Prom NightI went to my school's Junior Prom tonight. Didn't have a date, so I went with a group of friends. It was a ton of fun, but I do have a few complaints:

1. The Weather - Mother Nature decided it would be a bitch today and made the temperature over 90 degrees. Because it was prom, I wore a suit. I sweated like a pig in that thing. I got home and saw on my butt a huge sweat stain. It was embarrasing, but that fact that no one told me made it worse. I have no idea how many people saw that, so I don't want to think about it. Overall: Hot and sweaty.

2. The Prom Royality - This one is more focused on the King actually. So our school decided, as a joke, to nominate one of the most dorky, awkward, and antisocial kids in our school. He gained enough nominations to make the ballot. When they announced the winner, it was him. The only problem was, he never showed up. If you're names on the ballot but you don't want to go, just go. Find a date, go with some friends, or just go solo if you have to. Just show up, because you never know what might happen. I would do this if I were nominated, but I am neither popular nor dorky enough for that to happen. Maybe next year.

3. The Music - I am a fan of good music, mostly classic hits and stuff like that. I hate rap and that club shit only because it's terrible to hear and the words of the songs are God awful. For instance, that song Rack City or whatever it's called. All it says is, "Rack city bitch, rack, rack, rack city bitch" over and over again with maybe a few changed words. The song, I believe, is demeaning to girls, saying that having a huge "rack" is a good thing. I don't care about how big a girl's chest is, I care about their personality. I would say play a song like that, but that would probably mean Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift (which I hate). Also, the music encourages inappropriate acts, which brings me to my next point.

4. The Grinding - Like any of today's high school dances, I expected to see some grinding. What I didn't expect was the amount of it there would be. About 90% of the couples there were grinding. I don't mind grinding too much. I'm not a huge fan of it. But what I saw digusted me. There were, what I call, Grindage Trains; a line of 3 or more people grinding all together. I was shocked at this sight. Do these people have no common decentecy (don't know if I spelled that right)? What's the appeal of grinding? Is it that it's the closest thing a person can to sex in public without actually doing it. If you want to do "it," go somewhere else where myself and others don't have to see. The way I see it, it's both the boy's and girl's fault. The girls because they are the ones pushing their butts up against a dudes crotch because they know that the boy wants it. It's also the boys because they allow the girls to do this to them. I would never partake in this myself, only because I respect myself and others. I would lose respect for people if I saw them grind the way they did tonight. Witnessing this all night at the dance makes me scared about the future. Sure, we all do crazy and stupid things when we're young, but when almost everyone is doing it, that makes me worried.

These are the only complaints I have about Prom, even though some of them were a bit long. Hopefully next year, when the entire class are Seniors, they will gain some common sense and grow up a bit, but I highly doubt that. I just have to make the best of it, which I did tonight. The important thing is, I had fun with my friends and made a fool of myself on the dance floor.
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