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27 year-old female from Durham, NC
Never break rule number one.

If we haven't met in person, I won't be accepting your friend request. If we aren't actually friends, I won't be accepting your friend request even if we have met in real life.

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Why don't you just get married?Because it's cheating.

Or maybe because if we wanted to get married we would fucking get married.


When I tell people that Steven and I are trying to figure out visa stuff so that we can move in together, this option inevitably gets brought up.

Most of my close friends get why this bothers me and luckily I don't see it as much on here. But to have people bring it up in casual conversation like it is a legitimate option is getting old.

The whole fucking point of moving in together is to figure out if we want to be married in the first place. We don't get to spend as much time actually together as we would like. While we talk every single day, we both have jobs and limited vac...
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