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23 year-old male from Farmington Hills, Michigan
Blind friend requests will be ignored. And then the person themself might be ignored. So...drop a comment
I'm actually 19, not 21. Why is that wrong? Because time sucks.

My name is MoltenSlowa, and I'm a Vocal Music and New Media Major.
And I love it.

Check out my youtube channel! There's cool things there!
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The Shizno, Season 11 Episode 3: Ship IslandCLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO THE EPISODE!

This week on RvB, Wash thinks that calorie-burning is the best response to crash-landing with limited supplies; Sarge should really know better; and Caboose tries to be the first to die in a horror movie.

I'm still waiting for aliens, but let's get to this week's Shizno!

(This week our rampant superintendants are The Recreator, Zeta Eta Theta, Daft Prodigy, and Raaaaaane Zeeeeeerooooo.)

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