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Please say something to me.... i'm so alone..... HAHA GOT YOU! I HAVE FRIENDS AND I WANT YOU TO BE ONE OF THEM!!!


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Mission Impossible: Possible Well last night if you didn't notice was the RT Michigan Stream, which as per usual was a wild successes! But due to the growing amount of players (and LoL fatigue). We have decided to switch our gaming to an FPS, specifically the Free to Play Team Fortress 2 .

With this game we can accommodate up to 50 players with ease and still keeping in the realm of Free and easy to play with low graphical minimums. Im really excited to to switch up the game again because of the popularity of the SWToR stream, plus there is only so many "[Insert person] is the worst at [Insert Politically incorrect name for Champion]" jokes we can make for the over 15 streams we have had.

I also have to put this out there, if you sign up and say you are going to play YOU BETTER SHOW UP! We hold your spot and sometimes have to turn people away all because your selfish and a liar LIAR I SAY! We also would like if you are going to play to make sure to sign up beforehand just so we can get a tally of who all is coming out. You can signup here until next monday at 9:30 PM. I am really excited to get more people playing and to find even more ways to make fun of Keith in this game, hope to see you there.....or not, I don't really like any of you all that much anyways.
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