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25 year-old male from Minnesota
Hey everyone! I'm Newbs! I am a full fledged Grey Duck enthusiast, and hopefully a good enough guy for you to enjoy your time with me. Feel free to strike up some conversation with me here, and check out these groups that I help run for even more fun! I also moderate the Rooster Teeth Twitch Chat, and am dating the amazingly talented and beautiful @Laurin!

Rooster Speak & RT MN (RT Minnesota)
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Perfect RTX Attendance Club JournalPRAC for short...it's not catchy...I know.

You guys know the drill. I am looking to try and compile the list of all RTX attendees that have been to all four RTX's! 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014. With 2015 coming up, I want to see how many of you are also planning on continuing the streak! If you can, please spread the word/let me know if you know anyone that is not mentioned below that has attended all four of the best convention ever!

@ActionMan, @agd2i, @Andy, @Barbara, @BlackPenguin, @Caiti, @Caleb, @calvin95376, @ChrisBotkin, @Count3d, @craZboy87, @DarnClem, @Dimono, @dooby2016, @DrJones, @Evictum, @Fthreat, @Fireball, @garbacc92, @GB330033, @hegelbagel, @HotPocket36, @Hunter, @Hunter GreenS, @kitn42, @Kiyoshi, @Krys_Chaos, @Lamchopz, @legato2d, @LukeMcKay, @Myshu, @Nat, @Nester82, @Neverender42, @Newbs, @OboeCrazy, @Panacamanana, @Radius55, @RoadBlock, @SailorTweek, @sirNARVY, @soundbarrier, @Steven, @Suppi, @ragingterror, and @ytrahne.

(I'm sorry for spamming everyone, I never do this.)
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