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Hey everyone! I'm Newbs! I am a full fledged Grey Duck enthusiast, and hopefully a good enough guy for you to enjoy your time with me. Feel free to strike up some conversation with me here, and check out these groups that I help run for even more fun! I also moderate the Rooster Teeth Twitch Chat, and am dating the amazingly talented and beautiful @Laurin!

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Original MembersI've a fascination that I've been meaning to talk about here for a while. Bands that have lasted 10+ years and have all their original members still in the band. It astounds me to hear about bands like Rammstein, Muse, U2, Radiohead, etc. have been together, touring, writing, and essentially living with each other for decades of their lives.

It is almost a lottery when starting up a friendship like that. You pick these people for their musical talents, or for their connections to you, and you just start up basically a business with them. Sometimes they kick your dog, get too drunk and call you spiteful things, or pour beer on your bassist's bass. But that's just Dave Mustaine I'm talking about.

It's such a gamble. I've been a huge music fan for most of my life, and seeing so many bands these day replace members time and time again, some even to the point where there are no original members left...they've become a cover band essentially in my eyes...it's insane. Bands like In Flames, Becoming the Archetype, and Napalm Death all fit in this category, and although they've produced some amazing albums, they quite literally are no longer their former selves.

Wikipedia does a really neat timeline of former/current members for bands. Here's Metallica's...

Or previously mentioned Napalm Death's...

Or you even have bands that have an entirely separate wikipedia page for List of Members...like AC/DC for instance.

Then, with bands like Muse and U2, they just state their members with links sending you to their respective pages. It's insane!

The tenacity of these bands to have the exact same 3, 4, 5, even 6 members together for so long is something to really admire.
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