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Quarters wow so video
27 year-old male from Brooklyn, NY
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Quarters wow so video
So...hello. I realize that I'm incredibly way overdue for a proper "what the hell has Nick been up to" journal, and I intend to actually do that at some point.

BUT FIRST, I'd like to share the first proper music video I've produced with you all. This is for my buddy Ryan's band Meadowhawks, and I highly encourage you to give them a listen, and if you like it, buy their EP. Ryan's one of those people who is so musically talented that he makes me angry, which should say something.

Anyway, hope all you lovely people are doing well. Promise I'll actually do the real journal thing sometime soon.
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Music A wide variety of indie post-rock jazz and classical. I don't discriminate unless the music is shitty. Then I discriminate the shit out of it. Check out my last.fm if you're really interested: http://www.last.fm/user/Headspaced
Movies I like good movies.