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24 year-old male from Sydney, Australia
Hey everyone! Feel free to send me a friend request, but you should hit me up with a comment on my user profile page first. It's just I want to have talked to everyone on my Friends list at least once.
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Words are hardIn light of the news, I thought I'd dust this account off to say goodbye to Monty Oum. I never met the man, but he probably changed my life more than anyone I know. It was Episode 10 of Season 8 that got me into Red vs Blue, his animation made me want to seriously reach for the media industry.

Over the next couple of years, I lost my way. I stopped making stuff, but there was always a voice in the back of my head asking why I wasn't creating. That voice sounded like Monty Oums. I thought, that's a damned good question and started again, chasing my dreams for my comics once more, and I have to thank Monty.

Monty was a hard worker, someone who would put the hours in to get something done, even if it meant sleeping at his desk. I will always admire him for his work ethic, and his dedication to everything he decided to work towards.

Monty, thank you for the impact you've had in my life and the lives of everyone else here.
We're gonna miss you.
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