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vaughngogh merh
Female from a desert land known as West Texas
I am an artist who rants and raves. By rave I mean to talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm, not to "exercise" with glowsticks and tribal drumbeats.

Feel free to ask about anything.

Tumblr -Comic Coming Soon- Art for sale- What else do you want to know, doll?
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vaughngogh merh
I'm learning to tell people, "No," with out saying, "or else." My word is so untrustworthy and I hate that. There shouldn't be a string or threat behind my words. I should be able to have my words mean something, but they don't. I'm not saying that is totally society's fault. The words I speak need to be the words I mean, and they need to be chosen with care. Care and grace are things I tend to lack as of late.

However, there is something to be said about society not caring as well. Why is it that I am compelled to use idle threats? Because people tend to not respect others unless there is something for them out of it. This irritates me. I cannot fix that, but maybe I can get to the point where my word has enough weight that the respect that I greatly lack is enough.
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