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26 year-old male from melbourne, victoria, australia
24 year old Aussie, currently studying pharmaceutical sciences and still addicted to video games 20 years on
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OUCHWent paint-balling yesterday for girlfriends 21st, was absolutely heaps of fun, i am however a little concerned that i now have bruises that are red on the inside and purple on the outside ah well what doesn't kill you only makes your body more susceptible to disease

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Name Stefan
Occupation Student
Birthday April 3rd, 1989
Interests i love computers especially programming gaming and various other things i also love music mainly all types buti hate rap and rnb but love metal and rock especially i also love my beautiful xbox and now most recently Warhammer 40K and the most important thing about me i am a singer i love it throught and through i sing opera musical theatre and jazz/easy listening
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Music there are too many bands that i like for me to list so ill just give genres Rock Punk Rock Metal Industrial (rammstein of course) emo ska alternative opera jazz easy listening musical theatre
Movies the matrix trillogy hackers fight club various other sci fi stuff