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Windows 8 why???Before you say anything, yes I have gotten myself a new windows 8 computer. I don't have enough money for a Mac and I already had gift cards to use up for it. I was losing so much space in my computer to the point where I had to transfer ALL of my files onto an external.

So I got my touch screen windows computer (super cool btw) and it was working all up until I couldn't connect to the internet. Now it isn't so much of a problem, just reconnect to the network.

That was not the problem.

I have no idea, but apparently it seems like the wifi connections has turned off somehow and I have no idea how to turn it back on. There is no switch which would of been CONVENIENT and I've searched on threads upon threads for no solution to my problem. What a common problem.

My new computer is collecting dust and I am so upset that I will not be able to use my computer to it's full capacity. I CAN'T EVEN GET APP ACHIEVEMENTS FOR XBOX LIVE UM??!?!

WELP. Money well spent am I right? *rolls eyes*

UPDATE: Kaspersky Labs was preinstalled on my computer which blocked connection to the internet.
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