Key Players

Burnie Burns

Burnie is the founder of Rooster Teeth Productions and the creator of the award-winning web series, Red vs. Blue. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in computer science. After a successful career as president of an Austin-based tech company, Burnie turned his attentions toward creating online video and had an early viral hit with a parody of the "Apple Switch" ads. He quickly followed with the first Red vs. Blue trailer and formed Rooster Teeth shortly thereafter. He has since been recognized around the world as an innovator and leader in the field of online video.

Burnie Burns is currently the Creative Director and head writer for Rooster Teeth. He also voices the main character "Church" in Red vs. Blue.

Matt Hullum

After a decade working in feature animation and visual effects in Hollywood, Matt was excited to return to his former home of Austin, TX to help start the revolutionary online entertainment company Rooster Teeth. As one of the groups lead writers, directors and producers, Matt developed the live-action production division responsible for such hits as RT Shorts, Immersion and The Gauntlet. Matt also created Rooster Teeth's commercial division, which has created over 100 nationally broadcast TV spots for such prominent clients as GameStop and Mountain Dew.

Matt is currently the CEO of Rooster Teeth Productions. He also voices the characters "Sarge" and "Doc" in Red vs. Blue.

Gus Sorola

Gustavo "Gus" Sorola III is a co-founder at Rooster Teeth Productions. Gus has many responsibilities at Rooster Teeth including acting as the voice of Private Dick Simmons in Red vs. Blue and Mysterious Voice (aka The Computer) in The Strangerhood.

Gus produces and hosts the Rooster Teeth Podcast which a top five most downloaded podcast. Gus is also the co-Director of RTX, Rooster Teeth’s annual convention held at the Austin Convention Center.

Joel Heyman

Neither the BFA (with a concentration in acting) from the University of Texas, or working in off Broadway productions, nor acting on such television shows as Passions, Criminal Minds, and Fox’s The Inside, would prepare Joel for frantically shouting into a microphone for over ten years. Joel voices the character of "Caboose" in the popular web series Red vs. Blue.

When not frantically shouting into a microphone, Joel executive produces many of the nationally televised commercial spots that have been produced throughout the years. Contract clients include, EA, Ubisoft, Microsoft Games, The Richards’ Group, Wieden Kennedy, and BBDO just to name a few.

Geoff Ramsey

Geoff Ramsey, one of the original members of Rooster Teeth Productions, is also the Executive Producer of Rooster Teeth's popular Achievement Hunter series of gaming videos. He voices the popular character "Grif" in Red vs. Blue.

Barbara Dunkelman

After being a large influencer within the Rooster Teeth community since 2004, Barbara was hired in 2011 to be the Community Manager for Rooster Teeth. Now, she is a regular guest on the Rooster Teeth Podcast and various other productions, is the Co-Director for RTX, and voice actress for "Yang" in RWBY.

Gavin Free

Gavin produces and edits the extremely popular Let's Play series. Originally from the UK, Gavin is a professional high-speed photographer and founder of The Slow Mo Guys, a popular YouTube channel with over 200 million views. He's captured the slow motion scenes for several major films including Sherlock Holmes, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Hot Fuzz.

Jack Pattillo

Well-known on the Internet for his continuously growing beard, Jack Pattillo is one of the lead producers and personalities of Achievement Hunter. He hosts and edits the popular series AHWU, Halo HORSE, Fails of the Weak, and many more.

Michael Jones

Michael joined Rooster Teeth in 2011 after one of his YouTube videos was discovered by the Achievement Hunter crew.

Michael's popular and outrageously caustic Rage Quit videos have earned him the fear and appreciation of legions of video game fans.

Lindsay Tuggey

Making her way from intern to live action video producer, Lindsay demonstrated her strengths as a content creator and editor. She is an assistant director, co-producer, and audio mixer for the live Rooster Teeth Podcast, and editor for Achievement Hunter.

Lindsay has worked as a sound mixer and assistant director for live-action productions, and produced the RT Recap before moving to Achievement Hunter. Lindsay has also starred in RT Shorts, the RT Recap, the Rooster Teeth Podcast, and is the voice actress for "Ruby" in RWBY.

Ray Narvaez Jr.

Ray currently works as content creator and editor of "Achievement Guides" and other videos under the Achievement Hunter banner. His hilarious personality and love of roses has been immortalized in Rooster Teeth merchandise.

Ryan Haywood

Ryan is an editor, producer, and Achievement Hunter personality, He joined Rooster Teeth to work on the new Game Fails channel on YouTube, and later started full-time with Achievement Hunter. He now stars in various shows such as VS, Let's Play, and more.

Brandon Farmahini

Brandon is Rooster Teeth's live-action production manager. He oversees all live-action production and serves as one of the chief creatives for new content.

Brandon produced and directed the popular hit series Immersion and The Gauntlet as well as several installments of RT Shorts.

Kara Eberle

Kara began as Rooster Teeth's first receptionist, and quickly became popular in the community for giving office tours to hordes of visiting fans.

Kara now works in production with the live-action group doing make-up and set design, and is the voice of "Weiss" in RWBY.

Chris Demarais

Chris Demarais is a featured writer, actor, director, and editor for Rooster Teeth Productions. He’s worked on several shows including RT Shorts, Immersion, The Gauntlet, Nature Town, The Wingmen, Zach Anner’s Riding Shotgun, and Red vs Blue.

Chris most recently shot and starred in a Lord of the Rings themed documentary called A Simple Walk Into Mordor. It chronicled his attempt to literally follow in Frodo’s footsteps as he walked the 130 mile journey across New Zealand from the set of Hobbiton to the real life Mount Doom, Mount Ngauruhoe.

Kerry Shawcross

Kerry joined the Rooster Teeth team after mentoring Burnie Burns for a school project. His positive attitude and dedication to his work allowed him to become full-time with the company.

Kerry is a writer for RWBY as well as an editor and producer for Red vs. Blue. He joined Chris in starring in A Simple Walk into Mordor, has a appeared on the Rooster Teeth Podcast and many other live-action productions.

Miles Luna

Miles is a writer and director at Rooster Teeth. Since joining the staff, he's worked regularly on Red vs. Blue as a machinimator, and now helps to write and direct the series. In addition, Miles works in collaboration with Monty Oum and Kerry Shawcross on Rooster Teeth's newest project, RWBY.

Miles is a regular guest on the Rooster Teeth Podcast and the RT Recap, and has starred in multiple RT Shorts.

Monty Oum

Monty is the Director of Animation for Rooster Teeth, and has been hailed as one of the most original action choreographers and animators working today. Prior to creating the exciting and elaborate fight sequences for Red vs. Blue, Monty created the online hit series Dead Fantasy and Haloid. He is currently directing Rooster Teeth's first anime series, RWBY.

Kathleen Zuelch

Kathleen is the Supervising Producer at Rooster Teeth. She oversees all productions, including Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and live-action shorts. Before coming to Rooster Teeth, she worked as a producer in LA on movies such as Iron Giant, Scooby Doo, The Movie, and Clifford's Really Big Movie

Kathleen is also known for her role as the voice of "Tex" in Red vs. Blue.

Alan Abdine

Alan, Director of Business Development, joined the Rooster Teeth team in 2012 to develop an in-house direct sales and marketing team focused on growing the Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth Commercial, and RTX brands with new and existing advertising partners.

His department manages all aspects of Rooster Teeth's advertising presence including display, pre-roll, product integrations, show sponsorship, RTX Sales & Marketing, and whatever new and unique ideas percolate from the RT Creative Team.

Jordan Cwierz

Jordan is the creator and animator of the popular Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. He started out as a fan making the animations for fun, and after being discovered by the staff, Jordan was hired full time to work on the production team.

Jordan has also appeared on the Rooster Teeth Podcast, RT Recap, and various other productions.

Kyle Taylor

Kyle began his role at Rooster Teeth as a fall production intern in 2011. Afterwards, he did contract work for the Best of RvB DVD and Red vs. Blue Season 10. After completion of those projects, Kyle continued as P.A. and contract editor for The Gauntlet.

In Spring 2013, Kyle was hired on as a full-time editor and producer for many projects including the RT Recap, RT Life, and Red vs. Blue. He is also the floor manager for the Rooster Teeth Podcast and The Patch gaming podcast.

J.J. Castillo

J.J. joined Rooster Teeth team soon after working RTX in 2012. He went on to work on such projects as The Gauntlet and RT Shorts, and now contributes to Achievement Hunter, The RT Recap, and various other Rooster Teeth projects.

J.J. Began his production career as the Creator/Host of a public access show and has since went to work for Peter Berg, Volcom, Toyota, and has had work screened at film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival in France.

Brian Behm

While sometimes casually referring to his job as "Making Sure Things Look Pretty", Brian’s real mission as the Art Director at Rooster Teeth is to focus on ways to improve the quality of RT’s internal design work. On any given day that could mean anything from designing new store offerings and working with other designers on getting their work ready for sale, interfacing with production teams on developing graphics templates and animations for their productions, to tackling signage for a convention.

Brian also offers creative assistance and critiques to help improve projects across the company and makes sure that the design of company content and merchandise meets and exceeds the offerings of RT’s peers. In other words, maybe even casual words, "He makes sure things look pretty."

Shane Newville

Shane is an animator for Rooster Teeth. He has worked on Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and various other projects including the Megaman X Fanimation and Facebox.


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