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I Love AlestormWhen I come back from a mighty quest, I have no need for sleep or rest. I head to a tavern for a drink, and get so drunk I can not think. A wench by my side and a jug of mead these are the things that I most need. So I sit back and sing this song and drink and party all night long.
I want more wenches,
more wenches and mead,
I want more wenches,
lots of wenches is what I need.
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Name Dave
Occupation Pizza delivery and customer service, Comic Artist in my free time
Birthday May 30th, 1990
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Books I've recently had the pleasure of reading a few great books Tucker Max with his "I hope They Serve Beer in Hell" and "Assholes Finish First"; Then theres Artier Lang';s "Too Fat to Fish" One of my favorites was ";Perks to Being a Wallflower" and of course there are all of the Halo book novels. my addictions!!! my current read is "The Devine Comedy" in other words "The Inferno"