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32 year-old male from Rapid City or Irene, South Dakota
I am a METALHEAD! oh, and i guess i like movies/computers

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Oh wow, Superbly Brütal news!not about me though, as in general, I suck balls...

Anyway, some of you may have played some of the superb adventure games from Lucas Arts, ones like the Monkey Island series, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle or Grim Fandango? Well I'm a sucker for the hilarious writing, great characters and fun gameplay of these titles, and I was surprised as hell to find that the creator of these, Tim Schafer (who incidentally left LucasArts and formed his own company Double Fine productions) is making a new game that sounds like a dream come true.

Its about the best metal band roadie in the world, getting sucked into strange land where all metal gods are actually born, the really good ones escape to earth's realm and blow our minds with music here. But anyway, the game, named Brütal Legend, sounds like a great action adventure game with all the right bits of homage to Metal.

Jack Black voices the main character (meh, but not terrible) but it's got the likes of priest/halford, dio and sabbath doing music as well as some characters. The arch enemy sounds like some guy who is all dolled up (think glam) and has forsaken the true side of the metal world. Anyway, the pro's at Game Informer wrote a much better preview than I can, since hey, they actually went and saw it in production.

So read this, fuckers!
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