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19 year-old male from the Queen's England
One fateful day on Earth, a child was born. This child's name was Jake. His parents died in a car crash when he was 8, leaving him to fend for himself. He struggled just to find enough food to make it through the day. He had to fight many children for shelter, warmth and the all important money he needed. In his teenage years, Jake found a man in an expensive suit who seemed out of place. When the man's back was turned, Jake seized an opportunity (and the mans wallet) which had enough money to help him educate himself, and begin earning his own income. On an unrelated note, my name's Jake too and I like to play video games.
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My Humility Is Comedy 1 (Part 2)In order to try and regain some of the class that had been lost in our meal, our Mum kindly offered everybody dessert in addition to our meal (a luxury we do not usually experience). I figured, "Hey, now is a good time to make yourself look more suave. Maybe it'll be ice cream. If you eat small spoonfuls and make some sophisticated jokes, you could come out of this looking like a well mannered human being instead of, well... You". The only problem was that it wasn't ice cream we were having for dessert. It wasn't yoghurt, chocolate, sweets or biscuits (candy or cookies if you were confused by Ye Olde Englishe Terms).

It was a cream egg.

For those of you who don't ...
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Interests Video Games (Duh) Watching all kinds of TV Listening to music Listening to the Drunk Tank RvB
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Music Several years in the future Jake used the income he earned to buy himself an apartment new clothes and an xbox 360. After he had spent the money he earned on the essential things he needed to continue living he began to spend his profits writing his wrongs helping the children he competed with growing up to make lives for themselves. He even managed to earn enough money to repay the man whose wallet he had taken all those years ago. With his life improved Jake began to hunt down the man he had robbed using old business cards until he tracked him to a home in the outskirts of a city. I happen to like music with guitar and piano if anybody is interested.
TV Shows Oh well. Not all stories can have epic endings filled with violence action love and comedy. The story I wrote had none of them. I could probably write a better one if I bothered to put in the effort but the amount of time to the amount of people who are actually going to read it is just pointless so I won't bother. Enjoy my profile. Seriously. Move on. It's over. Get the hell out.
Books Didn't you hear me? I said get the hell out. I mean it. There�39;s nothing else entertaining from this part of the page down (except the comments. But I mean who's going to comment on my page?) You might as well just go and stalk your crush on facebook or something. Or look through Joel';s gallery until you find out his address and follow him home..... Christmas memories.... Anyway my point is stop wasting your damn time. Go watch some RvB or something. What? You';re still here? Fine I'm going to stop being entertaining now... No more funny in 3... 2... 1...
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