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28 year-old male from San Antonio, Texas
I've grown tired of my username, so please, just call me Cory.
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Santa of the Secret PersuasionHello there, you might be wondering, who I am (you know, if you don't know who I am), what are my likes, what are my dislikes. Luckily for you, my likes are vast and dislikes are narrow, and for exact info, I do have a public Amazon wishlist broken down into different categories, you have my name, look it up (if that's a route you'd want to go, of course)! If you want to get me clothing of the shirt variety, I generally wear a large. So have fun with it and I'm sure I'll love it and feel bad by how awesome it is and how terrible the gift is that I'm giving someone (sorry someone ).

To those of you not of the Secret Santa varieties, hi! I'm not dead, in fact I'm doing well as I finally got one of those jorbs, one that pays me money, for services; it's pretty swell. Now that I'm working and not feeling like a sorry sack of shit I plan to be more active here, but now I'm all tired and junk from working... damn. Anyways, I'm here and look forward to having conversations with all of you!

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Name Cory
Birthday October 21st, 1986
Interests Ohh the interests of me well there's watching television which ranges from sitcoms to comedies to cartoons to anime I like most things except for soaps and reality shows. I <3 movies not a big horror fan though mainly for the fact that I'm a pussy and jump easily hey at least I'm man enough to admit it ;) I like music but I don't live for it I don't consider it a crucial aspect in my life I like making music with my band it's fun and interesting to see what we end up with. I'm into computers building them and using them monkey_bacon I like to photoshop and to make flash animations but I consider my self a novice with both. And of course I love to game but I'm more of a fan of the multiplayer games with friends I don't have XBL so when I play other people they're sitting right next to me and that leads us to RvB I wouldn't be here if I didn't like it I came for the episodes and stayed for the community.
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Music I like a lot of different genres so this is tricky for me so I'll start with punk: Bad Religion NoFx The Vandals Dropkick Murphys Dillinger Four Screeching Weasel Flogging Molly The Queers Dead Kennedy's The Ramones Black Flag The Dead Milkmen Misfits Swingin' Utters. Now onto other genres where it's all jumbled up: Coldplay Franz Ferdinand Foo Fighters Atreyu Johnny Cash The Beatles The Who The Rolling Stones The Beachboys Queen Weezer REM Pink Floyd O Zone (don't make fun of me!) Gob Green Day (older stuff) The Offspring (older stuff) I also like classical most of it really and I'm a bitch for 80's pop essentially most things on the GTA Vice City soundtrack I also like modern orchestral in soundtracks john Williams and others in which I cant remember their names but I like the Batman Begins soundtrack Last of the Mohican's Soundtrack LotR soundtracks there's much more that could be on this list but I can't remember everything...
Movies Star Wars in the order of: Empire strikes Back Return of the Jedi Revenge of the Sith A New Hope Clone Wars and The Phantom Menace (and realistically I didn't care too much for ep's I and II but it's still Start Wars...)X-Men 1-3 (yes I liked the 3rd) Matrix Trilogy Lord of the Rings trilogy Serenity Batman Begins Donnie Darko Clerks Mallrats Chasing Amy Dogma Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (not as much as Kevin Smiths prior movies but still liked it a lot) Waking Life Equilibrium Super Troopers Puddle Cruiser BASEketball Orgazmo Run Ronnie Run Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Good night and Good Luck Oceans 11 12 & 13 Bourne Identity Bourne Supremacy Insomniac Shawshank Redemption Indiana Jones (all) Why We Fight Pulp Fiction Sin City Reservoir Dogs Four Rooms Boondock Saints and eXistenZ. There's tons more just can't think of any more at the moment.
TV Shows Scrubs Lost The Office (US) My Name is Earl Arrested Development The 4400 The Soup Xplay Daily Show The Colbert Report Maury (what paternity test episodes are awesome!) Law and Order (original SVU and CI) Good Eats Unwrapped (although I believe Marc Summers is a total douche bag) Seinfeld Curb Your Enthusiasm House Mr Show with Bob and David Knight Rider South Park Family Guy Futurama The Venture Bothers Aqua Teen Hunger Force Sealab 2021 Harvey Birdman attorney at Law and many animes (including Cowboy Bebop Gungrave Trigun Outlaw Star Berserk and Gundam Wing)
Books Not big on books but I love Comics!