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32 year-old male from Mesa, AZ
Im 20... im a cool guy to talk to and i love meeting new people... people say it is easy to talk to me =) So if you have any questions or you just want to talk just messege me or comment me. =)

"I walk by faith and not by sight. I walk according
to what I believe, and what I believe the power of
God is, as opposed to what the world tells us, or
what circumstances appear to be."

Kurt Warner

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YouTubeHey everybody! I know i don't have a lot of followers on here but i figured i would still put a plug here for my YouTube account. I am starting to upload more YouTube videos now and i have two up so far.

Loadout LetsPlay


Worms Revolution LetsPlay


Any feedback, comments, or suggestions would be great and helpful.

Thank you!!

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Name Jesse
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Books The Hardcore Diaries Foley is Good and the real world is faker than wrestling Mankind have a nice day and anything else that interest me lol but there isnt alot lol
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