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27 year-old male from Austin, TX
13+ Year MMORPG Veteran. Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

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adam Cast & Crew
THE DRUNK TANKSThe Drunk Tanks is a ‘competitive-casual’ raid team. We strive to maintain a very high level of play, on a somewhat relaxed schedule. We raid ~8 hours a week, with a focus on progression content. Keeping a level head while progression raiding is absolutely key. We expect our raiders to regularly perform above the 70th percentile for their ilevel & class. We utilize EPGP for loot distribution.

The 25-man Roster

Mythic Mode requires a set 20 people, and to ensure a healthy rotation and that people are able to take time off as needed, 23-25 people will be needed to fulfill that roster requirement. Once we get to mythic, we’ll rotate people in and out, assuming everyone is amazing. And if some people aren't performing well enough, we’ll work with you to get up to par so you aren't benched. With that said, Ultimately you are responsible for being competitive. Attendance, Performance, and Focus are all key for competitive play.

Who are we recruiting?

1 Holy Paladin
2 Melee DPS - Rogue, Monk, Shaman, Druid, Paladin, Deathknight
2 Ranged DPS - Hunter, Druid, Shaman

When & where do we raid?

Mondays from 8:30 pm – 12pm CST / 6:30 pm – 10pm PST
Wednesdays from 8:30 pm – 12pm CST / 6:30 pm – 10pm PST
Dalaran (US), Alliance

How to apply:

Leave a post here with this info:

About yourself and a link to your character.
If you have a link to combat logs, that would also be very helpful. We want to make sure we pick the right people in case a server transfer is required.
Your Bnet tag so our recruitment team can add you.
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