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27 year-old male from Austin, TX
13+ Year MMORPG Veteran. Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

Beta Participated: Wildstar, ESO, SW:TOR, RIFT,EQ2:SF, EQ2:TSO, AoC, STO, GW, RO
Veteran of: SWTOR, AOC (again), STO, EQ2, LOTRO, WAR, AoC, Van, DAoC, CoH, WOW, GW, Lin2, SWG, Lin1, AO, RO, EQ, UO, Medievia
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adam Cast & Crew
Rooster Teeth is hiring Web Developers.Join Rooster Teeth’s growing team of developers to help maintain one of the most popular entertainment production company's web, mobile, and console presence seen by millions each day.

The position is contract-to-hire, with a short-term project to help finish out a major rebuild of the main website, a large-scale Laravel (PHP) installation. The code is well-tested and solidly architected, but has a list of outstanding tickets that need completion before we can release. The project also uses Node (both for micro services and build tasks), so strong JavaScript skills are a big plus.

Past the website, the job description becomes much more flexible - we are looking for developers who can pi...
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