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27 year-old male from Austin, TX
13+ Year MMORPG Veteran. Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

Beta Participated: Wildstar, ESO, SW:TOR, RIFT,EQ2:SF, EQ2:TSO, AoC, STO, GW, RO
Veteran of: SWTOR, AOC (again), STO, EQ2, LOTRO, WAR, AoC, Van, DAoC, CoH, WOW, GW, Lin2, SWG, Lin1, AO, RO, EQ, UO, Medievia
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adam Cast & Crew
The Rooster Teeth App, Version 1. So, a LOT (and i mean a LOT) of you have been asking for a Rooster Teeth app.

I'm happy to finally talk about something that has been on our table for the last little bit.

Introducing the Rooster Teeth App.

It's currently available now on Android, and it's currently pending approval for iOS devices. It will also be available on several set-top boxes such as Roku, and even on smart TV's like Google, LG, and Samsung Televisions.

Version 1.0 of the app is simply that; A starting place. It gets a bulk of our content on the phone, and makes it easily watchable on your television or mobile device, and it certainly works a lot better than our current website. heh.

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