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27 year-old male from Austin, TX
13+ Year MMORPG Veteran. Twitch | Twitter | YouTube

Beta Participated: Wildstar, ESO, SW:TOR, RIFT,EQ2:SF, EQ2:TSO, AoC, STO, GW, RO
Veteran of: SWTOR, AOC (again), STO, EQ2, LOTRO, WAR, AoC, Van, DAoC, CoH, WOW, GW, Lin2, SWG, Lin1, AO, RO, EQ, UO, Medievia
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adam Cast & Crew
Spring 2015 Information Technology InternRooster Teeth Information Technology department is looking at picking up a spring 2015 intern.

For more information, goto www.roosterteeth.com/careers/

We will be making our decisions pretty quick, make sure to get your applicants in soon.
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