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30 year-old female from Layton, Utah
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Just To Say HiHey, everyone! It's February 17, 2012 and my first attempt to leep a journal or blogg or whatever this is. Thought I would start off introducing myself. My name is Amber, I am lamely 27 years old and live a sad life but I stay happy about it. I am the oldest of five, yea. I live where the mountains are gorgeous and almost always covered in snow. And I hate snow. I am attempting to write novels, but it hasn't been easy. Writing is my life and I love doing it. If only I could catch a break. I'll write about them later. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and fill ya in about me a little. Oh! And I love watchin Red Vs Blue on youtube and the Roosterteeth guys! They are so funny! Kimd of wish I could get a job where they're at. It would be so much fun hanging with Jack, Jeff, Gus, and all those guys. Anyway, touch base with you later. Bye!
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Name Amber Dawn Kegerreis
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