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37 year-old male from North Tarrytown, NY
Thanks to another gamer I understand now what I am suppose to do with "about". So here I go.
I am a 26 yr old male looking to meet other gamers in the New York area, not only for video games but to just hang out and have fun male or female. I enjoy movies, video games, and music. Sometimes I think that my world revolves around it a little to much. At least video games is not considered a kid sport any more and it is getting the recognition it deserves. XBOX RULES! btw...
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So ExcitedThose of you that know I have my website (www.electricgamer.com). I am pleased to say that things are looking up for an interview with Johnathan Wendel. After seeing him on 60 minutes, he became the first professional gamer that caught my attention...he seems like a down to earth personand he does not fit the stereo typical view of a gamer.

On another note...I got the Wii and feel pretty bad for getting it since I have not played it like I think I should. Zelda was one of the games that I got but got turned off by it once a friend told me how long the game was. I was all excited to play it then when I found out that it was over 60 hours long...I just did not want to play it anymore. Do you think there is some under lying issue here?
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