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19 year-old female from Haslet, TX
I'm a gamer and a geek.
My favorite things consist of Star Wars, Gaming and Rooster Teeth.

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Artist Help Wanted!Hey there guys, as I’ve mentioned before, @therev28 and I started a YouTube channel called Geeks&Bleeps!

We’re just starting out and have a couple of videos released (more on the way later this week), but we really need help with some art for our channel since neither of us are very talented when it comes to that.

The recommended channel art size is 2560x1440 and the max file size is 2MB.

We have an idea of what we want, we just lack the skills and resources to actually make it.

If anyone can help us out, please shoot either of us a message. We will be sure to credit the artist in the about section of our channel.

Thank you!

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