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AgentEnvy GeeksNBleeps
Comic Update!So for those who are unaware: I’m makin’ a comic.

I’ve got a few people still helping me out with ideas and writing, but I have the basis for at least the first 5 pages figured out (note: each comic itself is going to basically be a strip. So not like an entire page/multiple pages per update, but a few panels or so). This is where I ask for help. See, I can write and stuff, but man I am not good when it comes to art. I need a wee bit of help in that department.

If there are any artists out there that wanna help out, I’m basically open to everything. Digital art is strongly preferred, but not required. As long as I can get it online somehow, be it scanned or whatevs, and still look decent. I’m pretty open with any style, but I’d like something more cartoony.

I’d like to put out a panel at least once a week to start off with, but if I can get enough help, I can probably churn out at least 2 every week.

So thank you guys! If you could signal boost this and get it around, I’d really appreciate it. This comic is going to be a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you all!

Any artists interested in helping me out can send me an ask here on the site. Thanks again!

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