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Hey there! I love to help people, so if you ever need someone to talk to feel free to shoot me a message. I like all sorts of music and art. I play video games and like the rest of you love rooster teeth. I love to write short stories, novels, and poems. So any writers out there never be afraid to drop by and ask me a few questions or just to talk. Of course any of you are welcome. I am also obsessed with Doctor Who! Well have a good one and may peace always find you. Allons-y!
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Doctor Who Christmas SpecialI just finished watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. I had to record it so I could watch it after spending time with my family, but I still watched it. I am not afraid to admit that I cried. I used to always say that David Tennant was always my favorite Doctor, but I didn't cry when his Doctor had to go and I did when Matt Smith had to. I know to some of you that won't mean much, but to me it made the difference. I love David Tennant as Tenth Doctor and no one else could play the tenth in my opinion, but Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor is defiantly my favorite. I hope every one had a splendid Christmas and I hope every one has a fantastic new year. May all of you find peace and may you never give up!
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