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Male from Lewisburg, PA
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Name Michael Daniel
Occupation FAA A&P certified mechanic
Birthday April 29th
Interests The plain-unusual intrigues and catches my eye. If it makes me think it might make me smirk. If it makes me smirk it might spark my curiosity. Maybe its the otherway around. Curiosity smirk think. Hmm.
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Music I will listen to almost anything from the 50s through the late 80s. Country will always be a preference. Nothing heavy vulgar or anything that might reflect bad character. Certain Techno created from songs I already know broadway musical and movie soundtracks and seasonal songs. Though my musical taste is always being refreshed. To name a few: The Beatles Aerosmith Journey Lady Gaga Katy Perry Shania Twain Red Hot Chili Peppers
Movies Transformers 1 2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 2 3 The Notebook. National Treasure Titanic 50 First Dates Red vs Blue Labyrinth A Walk to Remember Oceans 11 12 13 Indiana Jones Quadrology Sherlock Holmes The Hangover The Time Travelers Wife Star Trek 1-11 Iron Man 1 2 The Count of Monte Cristo Deja Vu
TV Shows Quantum Leap Home Improvement Enterprise CSI: Whose Line Is It Anyway Family Guy Mythbusters Dirty Jobs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original) Mad About You The Office House NewsRadio
Books Flags of our Fathers Wicked Son of a Witch To Kill A Mockingbird