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EUGBL11 Sign-Ups Now Open!EUGBL: European Grifball League 11 Sign-Ups

The next season of the European Grifball League is here and now is your chance to join the 11th season of the EUGBL. As long as you meet the requirements set out in the EUGBL Rules and agree to follow them you will be allowed to enter yourself and your team into the European Grifball League.

Like the previous season of the EUGBL, we will be using a 9-round Vanilla game type with no time limit, however this season we will be moving into the version with altered gravity settings, as used in the GGL. The default map will be Bloody Grifball but approved home courts may also be used (check the rules for more details).

-Default Game Type: EUGBL11 Vanilla
-Default Map: Bloody Grifball

To sign-up complete the following template and then submit it either in the EUGB11 forum on RoosterTeeth, the EUGBL Discussion Forum on GrifballHub or send the template directly to the league commissioner, Messiah Muffin.

It is recommended that you read through all of the EUGBL Rules before you sign-up your team but here is a quick overview of what is expected:-

-All players on your team must have an Xbox 360, a Xbox Live Gold account and a copy of Halo: Reach
-Players are only locked onto a roster once they have played for a team. Until they are locked to a roster, any team (except captains) may switch teams. Guest players will also be locked to the roster once they play
-Only a maximum two non-European players are allowed on each team. Before of the roster lock ruling, you may only use a maximum of two non-European players in a season (including guests) and teams who break this rule may be punished
-Teams are allowed to use their own home courts as long as they get them approved by runNokyardrun. Use the Build your Own Home Team Court thread to get your map approved
-The EUGBL follows the "Don't be a douche" rule so violations or disrespect for the game will not be allowed. Therefore stat-padding (boosting for credits), leaving before the game is finished, sending inappropriate or offensive messages to other players or unsportsmanlike activities will be punished and may result in bans from the league.

When signing-up to the league you are making a promise that you will follow the league of the rules and that you will do your best to play all of your games, no matter what results may come your way. We encourage teams to stick with the league if possible and not to be disheartened by negative results and to keep it up and improve with time and experience. Now that I've got through what we expect from you I can get back to the business of actually signing-up.

When completing the sign-up template, a minimum of 4 players must be are required to sign-up, however more players may be registered to the team roster too. To sign-up extra players simply enter in more spaces to register your players (for example, Player 5: Gamertag). Please include the complete XBL gamertag of the player you wish to register, and for any player who is not residing within Europe (any non-European players) please put a star (*) after that players name.

Here is the sign-up template:-

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Player 2:
Player 3:
Player 4:
Home Court (Optional):

For those who benefit from visual aids, here is an example of a completed template, courtesy of the very generous man in charge, me:-

Team Name: Johnson's Salty Grifballs
Team Captain: Strangler 999
Player 2: Messiah Muffin
Player 3: kirsty de lacey
Player 4: Hardcore Crab
Player 5: DRO Praetorian
Player 6: AwareMosquito
Player 7: Linxx182
Experience: 5+ seasons
Home Court: Straight-Edge Arena

If you feel like signing-up to the league, and I can't see any reason why you wouldn't want to, then sign-up quick and get yourself entered into the league. Sign-ups are open from the 2nd of November until the 16th of November with the league itself starting on the 21st of November, which is a Monday. During the 5 day gap between sign-ups closing and the league starting I will be organising the divisions and the schedule. Also during this period I will be sending a message to all the captains who sign-up to confirm their intention to sign-up to the league. The captain must message me back unless their team will not be entered. If the captain is unable to message me back during this time, a confirmation from one of his teammates will also suffice.

The league will be split into divisions depending on the amount of entries with a playoff system afterwards to decide the winner, basically the usual. If enough teams enter then I am planning to split the divisions into amateur and pro, with the pro division including the longer running, more experienced and more accomplished teams and the amateur league including the newer, less experienced and less accomplished teams.

For information on the previous league, check out the European Grifball League: Post-season review.

For all who sign-up may I wish you good luck for the upcoming league and I hope all goes according to plan.
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