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30 year-old male from Some small town in the pacific northwest
Super cool, awesomest person alive, with the best voice and laugh you could ever hear.(edited by my friend Trish, but I figured I'd leave it alone - Isaiah)

I'm a 27 year old male living in Juneau, currently. I'm a systems administrator who contracts with school districts to manage their networks remotely.

I love music, creating music, writing and as the years have come on, I've become more outgoing. I'm still quiet, reserved for the most part, but it depends on who I'm with. There's also a limit on this. If you have questions, feel free to ask.
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People who complain way too much...Which quite honestly is a crap load of people in the world, and here I am complaining about the annoying complainers of the world. Or more realistically, the people of the Interwebz. I have been reading technology news from one place for many years and that place is Tom's Hardware Guide, www.tomshardware.com/us/ if you're in the US and I love the place. They provide me with quality news and insights to products and areas of technology I find relevant so I frequent the website quite frequently.

I have also taken to reading the comments people leave and to be quite honest, it's getting rather annoying. These people choose to read Tom's Hardware Guide on their own and read the articles they see, then complain about the article, why? Did any one person hold a gun to their head and make them read the article? Or even make them read an article they didn't want to read? No. They did it on their own, then complain about the article about something that Apple has done and to be quite honest, the company is almost everywhere. A lot of people have iPods, I personally have owned quite a few and I love them, then there are people who own iPhones or Mac computers or even the iPad.

These people complain that Toms Hardware Guide seems to have a bias towards Apple but it isn't a bias towards any one company. Like I said, Apple makes headlines, people love or want to hear about the up and coming Apple product and who doesn't want to know about the new iPhone? Or the iPhone 4 as it is, I know I do. The, "Smart Phone" market is such a competitive place, it's always interesting to see what each company will do and most companies try to outshine the iPhone since it's one of the hottest phones on the market, ever since it came out.

I know the solution to not get annoyed by these people who complain is to not read the comments, but the comments have some great insight every once in a while as well, so I will just have to put up with the general bitchiness of people who dislike Apple. In all fairness, Tom's Hardware has offered a solution so when people go to the website, they won't see any Apple related articles, but people obviously haven't taken that option or just like to complain. Either way, it can get to the point where you get annoyed with going to the site, but I don't think I'll ever stop reading news from there, I just won't read the comments for the most part.
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