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A chat in true drunktank style (cThis convesation reminded me of the drunktank so much I just have to share it.
(continued in comments)

DeoKing: lovin the flim artic
Articguy: SURE ITS OK
DJ AliencabooZe: live*
Articguy: U SAW IT DEO
Articguy: ?
DeoKing: half way
DeoKing: near
DJ AliencabooZe: *censored*
Articguy: the africa scene at the end brings it together
DJ AliencabooZe: lol
DeoKing: bosco S:
Articguy: chris lost his bosco
DJ AliencabooZe: deo you like the series premire of doctor who?
DeoKing: yes
DeoKing: XD
DJ AliencabooZe: it was awesome
DeoKing: artic i'll join you in a while
DeoKing: amys not as good looking as normal
DJ AliencabooZe: yea she is
DJ AliencabooZe: shes amaricanized
DeoKing: yeah
Articguy: guys i got my drivers hardware in so i can use my 360 controllers while gaming now FTW
DJ AliencabooZe: lol
DJ AliencabooZe: DUDE
Articguy: u told me this
Articguy: 4 months ago
DJ AliencabooZe: i called it steamy then
DeoKing: artic who are you playing with
Articguy: no noe
Articguy: get on
DJ AliencabooZe: also keyboard and mouse > controller
Articguy: i want to try it out
Articguy: it will make it easier if i want to chill while playing
DeoKing: true story
DJ AliencabooZe: if you wanna chill whil;e gaming some a joint
DJ AliencabooZe: smoke*
Articguy: alein did u watch *censored*
Articguy: ?
DJ AliencabooZe: a little
Articguy: and i got it mostly for 1 computer co op
Articguy: u need to watch the final scene
Articguy: its the best in the movie
DeoKing: chris doesnt look like a drummer XD
DJ AliencabooZe: artic you look.................... american
The chat room has been unlocked (opened to anyone) by DJ AliencabooZe.
7:11 PM - DeoKing: tell me about it
7:11 PM - DeoKing: hes so american
7:11 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: lol
7:12 PM - DeoKing: hes more american than geoff
7:13 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: hahah
7:13 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: i.imgur.com/OyEwF.jpg
7:13 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: lol
7:14 PM - DeoKing: ha
7:15 PM - Articguy: i look american becaue shock i am american, americas better than your 2 countries
7:15 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: bull shit
7:15 PM - Articguy: truth
7:16 PM - Articguy: canadas fucking divided between french and english and ireland has been failing a gaining full independence for the last 100 years
7:16 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: canada has a better more firm economy, nice people, healh care, weighs less, and has better booze
7:16 PM - Articguy: americas better tho
7:16 PM - DeoKing: no no no
7:17 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: how is it fuckign better?
7:17 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: also deo don;t start, ireland sucks
7:17 PM - Articguy: deo u can talk once your whole ilands part of ireland
7:17 PM - DeoKing: canada better cause they dont have to admite that they are better
7:17 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: yea
7:17 PM - Articguy: we r better
7:17 PM - DeoKing: and am not getting involed
7:17 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: americans are so full of their seld
7:17 PM - DeoKing: you have to make me drunk 1st
7:17 PM - Articguy: canada sux its the laughing stock of america and many other firm countries
7:18 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: people make jokes about places that are better then them
7:18 PM - DeoKing: i like Germany
7:18 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: likw gabe newe ljokes
7:18 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: and french jokes
7:18 PM - Articguy: u guys didnt even get free from britain in a good way
7:19 PM - Articguy: canada weaseled their way into a commonwealth while ireland is still trying
7:19 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: dude newfoundland was indipendant from britain before canada was a idea
7:19 PM - DeoKing: what by ruining the lives of 1000s?
7:19 PM - Articguy: dude newfoundlans is canada deal with ti
7:19 PM - DeoKing: >_>
7:19 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: <_<L
7:20 PM - DeoKing: i like england cause they have BBC which means doctor who
7:20 PM - Articguy: americas better deal with it, now i have to restart steam
7:20 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: haha
7:20 PM - Articguy: i like america cus they have almost every other good show or movie
7:20 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: yea
7:20 PM - Articguy: they make it bette than anyone tho
7:20 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: mmmh
7:20 PM - DeoKing: by stick a fat person infront of it.
7:21 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: yea
7:21 PM - Articguy: yep
7:21 PM - Articguy: the american way
7:21 PM - Articguy: which makes us awesome
7:21 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: onlything america has done is weight down the earth
7:21 PM - Articguy: end of story i need to restart now
7:22 PM - Articguy: i would make a canada joke but they dont do anything so u cant think of a joke, all they do is moochj off other countries
7:22 PM - DeoKing: alien this is payback for earlyer but they cant create matter
7:22 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: how do we mooch?
7:22 PM - DeoKing: so they may be the heavy part of earth
7:22 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: we have fuckign oil, iron, uranium
7:22 PM - Articguy: u dont do anything you just take what u need from other coutnries
7:22 PM - Articguy: we have all of those
7:22 PM - Articguy: and more
7:22 PM - DeoKing: you ran out of oil...
7:22 PM - DeoKing: well
7:22 PM - DeoKing: nvm
7:22 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: oil? then why are you invading other countries for it?
7:23 PM - DeoKing: i take that back
7:23 PM - Articguy: we have tons of oil r u retarded
7:23 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: no
7:23 PM - Articguy: yes u are
7:23 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: NO U
7:23 PM - Articguy: no u
7:23 PM - DeoKing: hang on
7:23 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: no u
7:24 PM - Articguy: america has tons people dont like homeland oil drilling
7:24 PM - DeoKing: i can sort this out
7:24 PM - Articguy: we have ebnough to survive independently
7:24 PM - Articguy: on an oil basis at least
7:24 PM - DJ AliencabooZe: cause you invaded other countries or fucked uop your enviroment getting it
7:25 PM - Articguy: we never invcade oslely for oil
7:25 PM - DeoKing: graphjam.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/usano1.jpg
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