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22 year-old male from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Welcome all. If you wish to know more about me then please ask me.
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It happened... So as many of you know I have been living with a young lady from this site now that means the world to me. Together her and I have started down a path that will lead us to one hell of a life but to get there we have more then our share of trials to contend with. She has been living with me now for a while and with immigration matters being what they are times have been tough here. I have been working hard to support both of us while she stresses because she is legally unable to get a job in this country while her immigration is being dealt with. We are bogged down in procedures, paperwork, phone calls, appointments and of course money. Bills, payments, loans, Lawyer fees and just even the day to day staples have bitten into our funds with a vengeance.

But during all this we were given a brief chance to get away from all of it. Ai Kon came around the corner and despite our current financial troubles we made it a mission to be there and in costume. She and I spent the day together talking to people spending time with friends and going to panels. I was dressed as Roy Mustang and she was in a lovely purple Gothic Lolita dress. As the day wound down we left the convention center ready to head home waiting for our ride.

It was dark and noisy, There was construction nearby and we were both very tired and sore from the day. And there she was in all her splendor and there was me. A crazy fool with a silly costume of with not a nickle to my name or a trick up my sleeve. Never the less I asked her to hold something for me and to close her eyes. And with that I dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage... I didn't even have a ring all I had was the day we shared together in our silly geekyness that only her and I can love and laugh at.

And she said yes...
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