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24 year-old female from Washington State
Currently addicted to Halo Reach.
Feel free to add me, or comment me or whatever. I use to have another profile on Rooster Teeth but for some reason it won't let me log in so i made this new one.
My gamer tag is private, if you wish to play, send me a message or something and i will send it to you, but as of late i have not really one any online gaming my upstairs net is being queer and won't work... =/
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wowits been a while since i posted on roosterteeth, manly because my lack of computer at the moment and i am merely relying on my cell for online stuffs, which makes it annoying to type anything of any real substance.
i went on today and i noticed my profile exploded FU stuff which is pre cool and odd since mike was the day before which is funny hes an awesum guy :)
anyway still dont have an xbox which is lame i had one for a week before my brother lent his powerpack out and i havent been able to play though on friday theres this thing called lan and apparently its this big gamer thing so im looking forward to that.
anyway thats it for now, gunna try and come on more i think, ive been neglecting rt for too long.
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