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25 year-old female from A Dog Kennal...Woof Woof.... :D
Hi! I will accept friend requests if: You contact me before hand. You aren't a insane person with porn in your profile. You like RvB. You don't expect me to be on 24/7. Sounds simple enough. Oh and afterwards I ask that you still talk to me! Thank you for your time and effort. Oh, and when I'm not too busy I like to do art and requests. So you might have to wait for summer...*overbooked* But stop by my images, put up your feet, have a gingerale(or other drink), relax, and look at some of my images~! And thank you for stopping by AllisonTex's profile. You can leave a nice little comment and I will get back to you ASAP. Peace out.
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..Okay, just a little sad.I'd like to say I've been busy (which is partially true), but I've also been a slacker.

Over the past couple, what, months?, I've been exposed to so many things.

First of all, TRANSFORMERS! That's my current obsession. And yes, I've been keeping up with the new Animated series.

Next, Scrubs. My friend showed me Scrubs two days after Christmas. I'm addicted! XD Gotta love Dr. Cox.

Bioshock. Oh. My. Sweet. Gentle. French Toast. That game is absolutely amazing. I won't say it's better or worse than Halo 3(It's like heresy to say on this site). But wow. If you want to play an amazing game. Bioshock is pretty darn amazing.

Nihongo! I'm taking a Japanese class right now. So far I know all the katakana and some hirigana. So--yeah. (And to top it off, my Japanese teacher is a fan of Transformers too! XD).

High Society. Not the actual thing, the musical. My school's going to perform it, and I get to enjoy the privalege of being in the chorus! Yeah.

What else. Hmm. Yeah. Sorry I've been so unresponsive to you all. Thanks to you who do still keep track of my account and what not. I'll make it up to you! Somehow. O_o
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