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Zomg. I live. How long has it been?Just randomly decided to hop onto the site to see what was going on. Wow I haven't been on in forever. Oh well, that's probably due to being busy trying to find a job and all that junk.

Have I ever mentioned how much the need for money sucks? Why can't things be kinder to the poor folks, and a bit more harsh on the rich people? Can't even pay any bills. The wife has been taking care of that, thankfully. But it isn't enough in this time period. Oh well.

Anywho, how has everyone been? I'm not quite sure how it should be, but I hope that others are faring better than myself.

And now! To the part where I talk about stuff. Random stuff, full of stuffing. Kinda like Thanksgiving, but without all the delicious turkey.

Apparently there is some sort of course case that everyone finds to be ridiculous? I don't even know what happened, as I don't have cable. All I know is that someone was accused of being guilty of murder, but the court didn't have enough proof to solidify the claim, so now everyone is enraged? Oh, and did I mention the particular murder case is revolving around a mother and her deceased daughter? Yep...

Anywho, off to take care of my son, who is trying to break into a diaper wipe box as I type this. Take care everyone!
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