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American lovechild of Hugh Laurie and Hugh Grant.

Fan fiction is only marginally better than slash, but that's like comparing Pol Pot to Hitler, respectively.

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Confessions of a website bullyI was a bully once. Well probably a few times.

I instigated an anti-user movement including an avatar trend and trolled and negmodded posts of a particular user. Like, a lot.

It got me popular.

So I don't know if this site has a problem with bullying now that it didn't before, or if people didn't notice that you can get extremely popular on the interbutt by being a dick (ahem), or if I'm just missing something.

I'm probably missing some e-dramaz.

I'm totally not saying I was right. I probably should've been banhammered. Or at least warned. Or backtraced and kicked off the internet forever, instead of being some sort of popular goon.

So what I'm saying is, we are all inconsistent all of the time. Some days you're the bully and some days you're the bully-e.

Remember it's just the interbuttz.
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