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Anamorphose The Renegade
20 year-old female from Orlando, FL
i study game design at the university of central florida.
i love avenged sevenfold.
i love to cook.
i have two cats.
that's basically it.

add meeee (let me know you found me here though)
XBL: Anamorphose
PSN: ajisainohime
Steam: m1ntyfr3shness
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Anamorphose The Renegade
if i had three wishes...i think one of them would be for everything to be cross-platform.
i want my xbl achievements to show under my ps3 trophies, and vice-versa. and i want my achievements and trophies to show on my steam profile.
i want to be able to take my level 20-something assassin's creed 3 multiplayer profile from my xbox to my pc, cause i wanna level up on the go.
and if my best friend decides she wants to trade in her xbox for a ps3, i want to be able to keep my xbox games and still play multiplayer with her.
and most importantly, if i own a game for xbox, i want to be able to play it on my ps3.
i mean, exclusives can stay exclusive. but the whole assassin's creed series, the mass effect trilogy, all my rock band/guitar hero games? honestly, if they made it so all you have to do is pay a small fee to get a game on both platforms, like $5 to turn your xbox game into a ps3 copy? i'd do it for most of the games i own probably.

i know, keep dreaming. ._.
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