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25 year-old female from Tye, TX
Hi My Name is Marah and I know its a weird name,but its my name. I love the color orange and I love animals.I LOVE INVADER ZIM!!! GIR IS THE BEST EVER!!! I role play like d&d and interactive dice rolling games. But,I might be the only person u ever meet that hates sand. I hate clowns they scare me and dolls freak me out. I can be shy some times but if I know u and I'm not scared of being really goofy in front of you then I'm a really out going person. I support my friends. I don't judge on the way u look so u shouldn't judge me. I love to talk but I'm also a great listener. I read alot well I use to.
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holaim soooooo bored lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala bored bored bored bored nored bired
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Name Marah
Occupation Being a Wife
Birthday March 22nd, 1990
Interests i like hockey soccer and SL lol
Music I LOVE music. I play French Horn in my high school marching band and I'm HOPING to do some background music a little later in life. I just love playing it makes me feel special cuz theres not alot of us. well im not in high school any more so i dont play the french horn anymore *tear*
Movies anything with zombies attacking im ready for "Z" day (zombie day) bring it on
Books i love books kinda like fiction and fantasy i really love vampire romance novels or anything that has anything to do with magic or the unknown lol