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37 year-old male from Greenwood, MO
Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?

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Copy bunny into your profile to help him achieve world domination!!!

enter site and go under quiz and look for what Halo 2 character u are

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What did I miss?Since it has been awhile logging in on here, had to do a search for me on the net just to make sure my profile was still here, not to mention what a pain remember the pass.
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Name dan
Occupation Postal Service
Birthday October 4th, 1977
Interests Pool Shark Women Cigars more Women and anything that helps dull the pain say playing some nice killer games oh and going to the shooting range
Music Country Metal Rock Classical Classic Rock Rap to a certain degree Blues and anything else that has a good beat.
Movies Army of Darkness Boondock Saints
TV Shows Full Metal Alchemist Battlestar Galactica
Books Sci-Fi and Playboy mag----yes I do read the articles