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18 year-old male from Grimsby
My name is Samuel T McNally, and in between spacing out and watching unholy hours of RT content I play guitar, piano and banjo and then go out and make short films and sketches with all the sophistication of a walrus wearing a monocle and top hat.I aim to be in the film industry acting, directing or making the tea in the near future but until then, it's nap time.
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End of the AffairToday Ben Howard's new album came out. Now having stayed up well past my bed time to download/ listen to it all I can firmly tell you all... that it is superb. I expected nothing less from good O'l benny H but this album is just fantastic the instrumentation is amazing and I love the different direction he's taking with his music. 'In Dreams' is one of my new favourites by him already and I can't wait to start learning his stuff on guitar!

Tl;Dr : Ben Boward's new album is crazy pants good

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Name Samuel McNally
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